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If you suffer from oily skin, professional facials are an excellent way to care for your facial skin and ensure it is getting what it needs to look its very best.  While there are many different types of facials for oily skin, you should be looking for a facial treatment that performs two actions- deep cleansing and intense nourishment.

Oily skin occurs when the body produces too much sebum.  Sebum is a complex mixture of fatty acids, sugars, waxes and other natural ingredients created by the sebaceous glands.  Sebum is vital for healthy skin as it coats, moisturizes and protects it. 

In order to care for oily skin, the facial skin needs to be frequently cleansed in order to get rid of the excess amounts of sebum.  However, this needs to be done with care.  It is important to deeply clean the face but not to strip it of all of its moisture and nourishing vitamins and minerals.  If the cleansing action is too aggressive, the body receives a signal that the skin is dry and dehydrated and in turn produces even more sebum!

Sebaceous gland
Sebum is formed within the Sebaceous gland

Once the skin has been cleaned and all of its pores are open, you need to add moisture and revitalizing nutrients.  This is important in order for the skin be healthy and balanced.

Recommended Professional Facial treatments for Oily Skin

Bazar Magazine recommended these 5 facials for those suffering from oily skin.

1. Ultimate Hydra-02 Experience. The treatment involves a 90-minute facial at a cost of $420.  The treatment combines a deep-cleansing Hydrafacial with glow-boosting Intraceuticals.  The treatment begins with the thorough cleansing of the skin to remove all dirt and makeup.  Then, using a suction tip, all dead skin cells are removed. If necessary, the aesthetician manually extracts all blackheads and whiteheads that clog up the pores. Next, exfoliating acids are applied to the skin. The acids are potent yet gentle, and accelerate cell renewal and smoothen the skin’s surface.  Lastly, an oxygen jet infuses a nutrient-rich serum into the skin.  The serum consists of a blend of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins that nourish and soothe the skin, rejuvenate it and give it a glowing look.

Skin facial |  NowMi
Skin facial for oily skin

2. PAI Skin Confidence Detox and Decongest Facial.  The treatment costs $200 for a 90-minute session.  This professional facial is hailed for its use of organic ingredients. The PAI Skincare products contain at least 70% organic ingredients which makes them ideal for individuals with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.  To treat the extra shine that people with oily skin have, the PAI treatment uses Himanthalia Sea Algae which is a rich mineral known to regulate the activity of the sebum glands.  Ghassoul clay is also used to remove impurities from the pores and nourish the skin.  Furthermore, Rice Water, which is rich in amino acids is used to rebalance moisture levels and provide an even skin tone.  The treatment includes a therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage, which helps the body remove toxins and enhance the effect of the organic active ingredients.

3.  Cryolift Correct Hydra Therapy Facial.  The treatment costs $210 and lasts 75 minutes.  Often, incorrect treatment of oily skin brings it to a point where it is dehydrated.  The Cryolift Correct Hydra Therapy Facial is designed to deeply hydrate and restore it to a balanced condition. The treatment uses Hydra Cryo-Serum which contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin and collagen to firm the skin. While the serum is being applied, the aesthetic practitioner uses a cryotherapy probe to cool the skin’s temperature.  The cooling action reduces inflammation, aids in the absorption of the serum, calms the sebum glands and contracts the skin. Next, a relaxing facial massage helps to tone the skin.  Finally, a  Hyaluronic Youth Mask is used to seal in moisture providing the skin with a smooth and supple look.

4. SK-II Skin Clarify Facial.  A 60-minute treatment for $200. Individuals with oily skin often suffer from clogged or enlarged pores and have frequent breakouts (this is the reason why many people with oily skin suffer from acne).  To deeply cleanse the skin, the SK-II facial uses a machine called the Aqua Clean. Aqua Clean uses different types of solutions along with advanced vacuum technology to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin.  The advantage of the treatment is that it is very effective without using harsh exfoliants.  One solution used is the Ionic Silver Gel which kills the p-Acne, the bacteria that causes acne.  Another solution is the Skin Recovery Gel which contains high levels of vitamin E.  The vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that supports the skin’s natural self-healing process. 

5. Detox Anew.  The treatment costs 80$ and lasts 75 minutes.  During the Detox Anew treatment, a plant-based exfoliant is used to deeply cleanse the skin.  The exfoliant is used in conjunction with an Azulene-based calming mask, which removes toxins and impurities from the skin. Then, different layers of nutrient-rich active ingredients are applied to the skin which replenish and restore its natural glow.

The NowMi Pro treatment for Oily Skin

NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial Kit
The NowMi Pro Kit

While all of these alternatives are great, not everyone can afford a spa treatment on a regular basis.  Additionally, for many people with a busy lifestyle, finding the time to go to the spa can be a challenge.  For this reason, the NowMi treatment was created.  The NowMi treatment offers an equivalent treatment to that offered by a spa, yet it only takes 5 minutes a day and each weekly vitamin C oxygen facial costs only 8$.

The NowMi Pro treatment is ideal for individuals with oily skin.  The reason is that the treatment has two functions- daily cleansing and weekly vitamin C oxygen facial. The daily cleansing deeply cleanses the skin and curbs sebum buildup.  In addition, the cleansing gel infuses the skin with vitamins E, B3 and Dead Sea minerals which nourish it.  The weekly oxygen facial involves 4 actions- skin exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.  The exfoliation removes the outermost layer of the skin, including all dead cells, and deeply cleanses the pores.  The nourishment infuses the skin with vitamins C, E and Hyaluronic Acid which help balance the production of sebum, enable the oily skin to repair and revitalize itself and enable the skin to retain its moisture.  The NowMi treatment oxygenates the skin from within which dramatically increases the ability of the skin’s cells to absorb and utilize the active ingredients.  Finally, the treatment enables the skin to protect itself from extrinsic factors such as exposure to damaging UV rays which can stimulate the over-production of sebum.

The NowMi treatment
The NowMi Pro weekly facial treatment


Having a professional facial treatment to treat oily skin is a wise decision.  The treatment deeply cleanses the skin and infuses it with nourishing vitamins and minerals.  The NowMi treatment offers a home-based alternative to a professional facial. Just like professional treatments, the NowMi treatment exfoliates the skin and cleanses it and infuses it with active ingredients that nourish and balance it.   Best of all, the NowMi treatment takes only 5 minutes a day and costs a fraction of the cost of its spa equivalent.  Try it today and decide for yourself!

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