If you have fine lines or age spots on your face, it could be because of your age, and also because of sun damage. Regardless of the reason, you can change the look of your skin with a skin resurfacing treatment. It’s important to choose the right tool and methods. Many people are fearful of using a laser on their face. If you dislike laser resurfacing techniques and chemical peels, it might be time to consider the NowMi anti-aging vitamin C oxygen facial treatment.

What Is Skin Rejuvenation?

Any skin rejuvenation technique is a treatment that provides a more youthful appearance to a part of the body. Facial skin rejuvenation is often achieved through non-surgical methods. There are many treatment options and they vary based on the depth of the skin tissue affected and by the level of treatment invasiveness.

Generally, people prefer not to use invasive treatments. These can include chemical peels or surgery. Though laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical option, it does involve risks.

How Can I Rejuvenate My Facial Skin?

There are multiple treatments available for facial skin rejuvenation. Many people consider laser resurfacing treatments. This option can reduce fine lines, improve skin irregularities, and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles. However, many women don’t want a laser treatment on their face because it can lead to burns and other side effects.

During laser facial treatments, a concentrated beam of light is directed onto the facial skin. The laser energy removes the outer layers of the skin which gets rid of dead skin cells. This makes the face look healthier and may improve aging spots and other skin damage.

Laser skin resurfacing is considered safe by the FDA, though many women still dislike using a laser. Facial skin resurfacing can be a suitable treatment but may not be for you, as it can be uncomfortable. Generally, laser skin resurfacing treatments work best on a light skin tones. However, new technological advances in laser resurfacing can make it work well on darker skin tones as well.

Another option is a chemical peel. This technique can smooth out the texture of your facial skin.  It’s a skin-care treatment that removes the outer layer of your skin. You place a chemical peel solution onto the skin and let it sit for a specified amount of time. It takes a few days to notice the results, but new collagen is formed after a while. Though it works for rejuvenating the face, it may burn or feel uncomfortable while on the skin. Plus, the skin looks red and might itch while it heals.

What Is the Best Facial Resurfacing Procedure?

There are many facial skin rejuvenation treatments to choose from. Most women prefer to do everything at home. With several at-home options available, you can treat scars, acne, and other issues with a variety of products. For example, the NowMi therapy offers multiple treatment benefits in a home treatment device. It can be used on the neck area, as well as on the face. It enables you to change the pigment of the skin without using intense pulsed light or plastic surgery. There’s no downtime required with this treatment, and the cost is less than if you went to a plastic surgeon.

It might be best to talk to your physician about your goals to see if the NowMi anti-aging vitamin C oxygen facial at home is right for you.

Ultimately, the NowMi products are most suitable for your skin.

The NowMi treatment has been clinically proven to provide deep skin cleaning and oxygenation. Plus, it uses sonic energy that exponentially improves the effectiveness of the treatment. The results are immediate and long-term skin rejuvenation.

Now, you can get an oxygen facial at home without the high price or the risk of chemical acids or lasers. The NowMi treatment offers two options for skin resurfacing. The NowMi Pro version may be best if you want a complete facial at home. You can choose a daily treatment where you deeply clean the area or a weekly one where you exfoliate the skin, nourish it, protect it, and oxygenate it.

There is also the NowMi Basic Treatment option. It provides the same four skin actions.  Treatment is very comfortable and convenient and takes only 5 minutes.  After treatment, you skin will look glowing and rejuvenated.  Best of all, the NowMi treatment is cost-effective compared to equivalent professional spa treatments.


NowMi products use sonic energy to help nourish, exfoliate, protect, and oxygenate the skin. During treatment, 6,000 sonic pulses are emitted per minute. Therefore, the 4 skin actions are more effective and enhance the skin like never before.

  • Exfoliation – The sonic waves and cleansing gel penetrate the pores. Dead skin cells are removed as well as oils. The NowMi Vitamin C tablet and cleansing gel are used during this process.  
  • Nourishment – During treatment, skin revitalizing vitamins and minerals are quickly and safely infused into the skin.
  • Oxygenation – The treatment creates an environment filled with CO2 on the surface of the facial skin. The sonic energy enhances the effectiveness of the CO2.  As a result, oxygenation happens from within the skin faster and more frequently.
  • Protection – When the sonic waves hit the skin, it can absorb more vitamins C and E. This protects the skin from environmental factors and sum damage.

How Can I Repair My Facial Skin Naturally?

Most people don’t want to add a lot of chemicals to their skin care regimen. Though plastic surgeons are board-certified and can help you get new skin that looks younger and more beautiful, this cosmetic medical procedure involves high risks and can change the surface of the skin.

With NowMi, you can treat a variety of conditions while healing the skin. Since the surface of the skin is not heated, there’s no risk of skin damage.

Your skin is likely damaged from years of environmental factors that harm and age the skin. Still, you don’t have to worry about dangerous treatments. The NowMi treatment allows you to remove skin imperfections while adding more oxygen and moisture to the area.


In your search for the best treatments for skin rejuvenation, you might have come across the NowMi treatment. It doesn’t require the use of lasers (either non-ablative or ablative), so you don’t need to worry about heat and other worrisome issues that can damage the skin. The NowMi is designed to do the same thing as a light chemical peel for a fraction of the cost. Treated skin looks healthier and younger, but you don’t have to risk the damage that can be caused by acids and lasers on your skin. If you’re interested in this treatment option, now is the time to consider NowMi. It’s available in two variations and can help your skin look beautiful and youthful.