Oxygen facial for greasy skin

Dealing with greasy skin can be very frustrating.  The greasy facial skin appearance occurs because the skin produces too much sebum.  Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that helps keep the skin moisturized.  While sebum is vital for the facial skin, if the body creates too much of it, the skin becomes oily.  Another problem is that the sebum reflects light which causes the skin to look greasy.

The good news is that it has never been easier to take care of greasy skin. An oxygen facial treatment for greasy skin performs two vital actions that help the skin keep balanced- it deeply cleanses the skin and rids it of unwanted sebum while at the same time nourishes it so that it doesn’t get dry.  The treatment is completely non-invasive, pain-free and has no downtime.

How the professional oxygen facial for greasy skin works?

oxygen facial treatment
A professional oxygen facial treatment

The oxygen facial in a spa involves several steps.  The first step is exfoliation of the skin.  During the exfoliation, the outermost layer of the skin is removed.  This layer contains dead skin cells, dirt, oil and makeup.  By deeply cleansing the skin, the excess layers of sebum are removed and the pores are cleansed.  As an aside, the excess sebum tends to clog up the pores which leads to frequent breakouts and acne.   

Next, using a specialized spray gun, the facial skin is infused with oxygen.  Once the skin cells receive high dosages of oxygen they function better.  The oxygen increases the blood circulation in the treatment area and promotes the production of collagen. 

In addition to the oxygen, healing vitamins and minerals are also infused into the skin.  The exact combination depends on the aesthetician performing the oxygen facial treatment.  Some of the most popular serums used are:

1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps curb the production of excess sebum and deeply nourishes the skin.  It improves the radiance of the skin and protects it from damaging effects of environmental pollution.

2. Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic acid is excellent for oily skin.  It helps the skin maintain moisture and improves its texture and elasticity.

3. Botanical Extracts: The extracts limit the excess production of oil and reduce the size of the pores.

4. Lactic Acid: The lactic acid helps to shrink the size of the pores, improve skin texture and reduce dark spots.

5. Retinol Serum:  For those new to Retinol, lower dosages are used.  Retinol has been shows to help balance greasy skin.

6. Gr+G Serum:  An organic formula that contains grapeseed oil that regulates sebum production and keeps the skin clear.  Additionally, it contains vitamin E that moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The NowMi Oxygen Facial for Greasy Skin

The NowMi Pro weekly treatment kit
The NowMi Pro kit

While traditional oxygen facials are great, some people find it hard to fit a spa treatment into their busy schedule.  Also, the treatment can be costly and this can pose a barrier.

The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial treatment was designed to make oxygen facials available to all!  The NowMi treatment offers a spa-quality oxygen facial in a home-use device.  The treatment takes only 5 minutes and costs a fraction of the price of its spa equivalent.

The NowMi oxygen facial is ideal for treating greasy skin.  The treatment performs 4 actions – skin exfoliation, nourishment, skin oxygenation and nourishment.  

  • Skin exfoliation: The skin is gently exfoliated using a vitamin C rich effervescent tablet.  While the exfoliation feels very gentle it is highly effective and removes all excess sebum.  Additionally, the treatment also uses sonic energy which ensures that every pore is thoroughly cleansed.
  • Skin nourishment:  The skin is infused with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.  The vitamin C helps the facial skin to normalize the production of sebum and remain balanced.  The vitamin E nourishes the skin and helps it to look smooth and radiant. The Hyaluronic acid enables the skin to hold onto moisture and prevents it from drying out.
  • Skin oxygenation:  Unlike traditional oxygen treatment, the NowMi treatment oxygenates itself from within. It does this based on a scientific principle called the Bohr effect. NowMi uses the same science-backed skin oxygenation technology of the OxyGeneo treatment that has been used in professional clinics since 2013. As a result, the treatment area is infused with oxygen and the cells optimally absorb the vitamins.
  • Skin protection:  Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution.  The UV rays can dry out the skin and stimulates the excess production of sebum.

NowMi Pro Daily Cleanser

The NowMi Pro treatment kit - Daily
NowMi Pro daily cleanser

In addition to the NowMi facial treatment, the NowMi Pro device comes with a daily cleanser.  The cleanser deeply cleanses the skin and nourishes it with vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals.  The cleanser is applied using silicone fingers and uses sonic energy which ensures that the cleansing gel penetrates and cleans all of the pores. Research has shown that facial skin cleansing with sonic energy is up to 6 times more efficient than hand washing alone.

Try it today and discover how the NowMi oxygen facial can help you clear away greasy skin!

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