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Winter takes its toll on your skin. The wind and cold outside, as well as the dryness from overly heated indoor environments that you live and work in can damage your skin. Also the steaming hot showers that you take may strip your skin of essential oils that protect your skin. All of these factors can cause your skin to dry out and lose some of its beautiful softness and glow.

Now that spring is coming, it’s time to give yourself springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatments. These treatments help to repair the damage and skin aging that winter can cause. They help your skin to blossom and look younger.

Advantages of Springtime Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatments

Traditional anti-aging oxygen facial treatments are performed in a spa and infuse the skin with oxygen using a high-pressure gun. Often, they infuse the skin with vitamin and mineral rich serums that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. 

Traditional oxygen facial in a SPA
Traditional oxygen facial treatment

The key advantages of oxygen facial treatments are:

Skin oxygenation: A primary reason for early skin aging is lack of oxygen in your skin. Capillaries often become clogged so your skin cells don’t receive enough oxygen, leading your skin to become paler and more fragile. By infusing oxygen into your skin, you can reduce the signs of aging.

Increased collagen production:  After age twenty, our bodies very slowly reduce the production of the elements that our skin needs such as collagen (which enables skin to remain firm). Increasing collagen in the skin enables it to maintain its firmness which lessens sagging and wrinkles. The springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatment increases collagen in your skin, giving your skin the firmness that it needs.

Skin hydration: The aging process also reduces the amount of glycosaminoglycans or GAGs (which ensures that the skin remains hydrated). The oxygen facial treatment infuses hyaluronic acid, which is a type of GAGs, into the epidermis. This infusion gives your skin the ability to remain moisturized from within, which keeps the skin well lubricated, supple and soft.

The NowMi Springtime Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatment

The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro treatment kit

The NowMi treatment is a revolutionary skincare treatment that enables you to enjoy all of the benefits of a professional oxygen treatment within the comfort of your home. 

Designed for today’s busy lifestyle, the treatment takes only 5 minutes and costs a fraction of the price of its spa equivalent.

The NowMi springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatments clean, nourish, oxygenate and protect your facial skin.  The NowMi treatment exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin and deeply cleanses each pore.  Simultaneously, your skin is infused with vitamins and minerals to nourish it. It is also oxygenated so that it can function better and absorb more oxygen and water from the environment. Finally, it is protected against environmental dangers.

The Nowmi treatment saves you time because, instead of heading out to a spa for an hour, you can do the treatment anywhere, anytime. Your skin receives the same four actions that it would get in a spa treatment: exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.

  1. Exfoliation: NowMi oxygen facial treatment exfoliates the residues from your skin. Dead skin cells, oils, remainders from makeup, smoke and pollution accumulate on the outer layer of your skin. This build-up of residue dries out on your skin, to the point where your skin is not able to absorb enough oxygen or water from the environment. As a result, the skin may feel hard, chapped, flaky and dry.

    The NowMi exfoliation removes the thin outer level of the skin. It cleanses the skin, removing dead cells, makeup and dirt. This exfoliation process is performed using the NowMi effervescent tablet which is combined with the Nowmi gel and is gently massaged into the skin. Your skin is then able to best absorb the infused vitamins and minerals.
  2. Nourishment: Your skin is nourished with vitamins C and E and Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C is important in the formation of collagen which builds interconnecting tissue that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory agents which protects your cells against environmental stressors. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes your skin and prevents it from dehydrating.
  3. Oxygenation: Spa treatments infuse oxygen into the skin but NowMi treatments oxygenate the skin internally. This works based on the Bohr effect. The principle states that when the body is confronted with high levels of carbon dioxide, it reacts by sending oxygen-rich blood cells to the area. Therefore, the NowMi oxygenation treatment creates a carbon dioxide rich layer on the skin so that the body responds by sending heavily oxygenated cells to the facial skin, oxygenating it from within. The oxygen remains in the skin for a much longer time and facilitates the optimal absorption of the vitamins and minerals.
  4. Protection: Vitamins C and E are great for subduing free radicals that attack your skin, both internally and externally. These vitamins protect against the damage caused by too much sun, smoke and air pollution, also helping to prevent dark spots and wrinkles.
The NowMi treatment
The NowMi Pro weekly facial treatment

In summary, NowMi springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatments correct the damage caused during the harsh winter. They clean your skin, nourish it with vitamins and minerals, oxygenate it, and give it protection against free radicals. Best of all, Nowmi treatments rejuvenate the skin and slow down the signs of aging, leaving your skin feeling soft, flexible, and beautiful.

See how easy is to perform the NowMi treatment 

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