Facial Skin Smoothness

NowMi-PRO oxygenation

Facial skin smoothness has a psychological impact on the way people perceive us.  Clinical studies [12] have shown that people make character extrapolations based on the appearance of facial skin smoothness. Specifically, it affects evaluations of trustworthiness, competence, attractiveness and health. These psychological interpretations guide social attitudes for acceptance or avoidance of other people.


Why does our facial skin lose its smoothness?

Young children have healthy, soft and smooth skin. However, over the years, exposure of the skin to the sun, pollution and stress influence the appearance of our skin. It becomes rougher, wrinkled and it slowly sags. In addition, with age, the hormonal changes cause an overall loss of facial skin smoothness, and we produce less collagen and elastin – the proteins that prevent facial skin aging. Hence there is a constant need for home-use remedies to keep our facial skin smooth and glowing.

NowMi PRO: A complete facial solution

The key to smooth and glowing facial skin is prevention and active treatments. Prevention includes: avoiding exposure to the sun and using sun screen, constantly hydrating the skin from within by drinking water and maintaining a healthy diet.

The most important active treatments are: daily facial cleansing and weekly mild skin exfoliation. These two actions remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface which allows the light to reflect from our skin.  As a result, the skin looks more youthful and glows.

The NowMi Pro treatment performs both actions.  In addition, it infuses the skin with vitamins and minerals that help it look soft and smooth. For a full description of the NowMi PRO treatment please click here.

Facial skin smoothness: clinical results with NowMi PRO

A clinical test that evaluated the efficacy of the NowMi PRO facial skin smoothness treatment was conducted by a third party GLP certified laboratory at the end of 2018. The test was carried out on a panel of 10 women, 8 with normal skin and 2 with sensitive skin.  The women were aged 32.8±4.4 years.

The treatment protocol included six weeks of daily facial cleansing at night before going to bed with the NowMi PRO sonic device and the NowMi facial cleansing gel; and six facial rejuvenation treatments carried out once a week with NowMi PRO sonic device that uses the vitamin C effervescent tablet and the NowMi lubricant gel.

Objective measurements of skin smoothness were performed using a Canfield’s VISIA imaging system before starting the treatments (baseline), at the end of 3rd weekly treatment and at the end of 6th weekly treatment. Statistically significant results (p<0.05) obtained. After 3 weeks of treatments facial skin smoothness increased by 15.1% and after 6 weeks smoothness increased by 25.9%. No adverse effect were recorded and the safety and efficacy of the NowMi PRO treatment was proven.


NowMi-PRO facial skin smoothness results