How pollution ages the skin

We live in a world where we all suffer from pollution – from smog, car exhaust, industrial processes and more. Everyone is affected- not only those who live in metropolitan areas. According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, over 80% of the global population breathes polluted air that exceeds the recommended level1. Aside from better known health concerns, the pollution takes a serious tole on our skin and causes it to age prematurely.

Pollution affects people of all ages and skin types. The facial skin is mostly damaged by ground level ozone and particulate matter (PM). Particulate matter refers to pollution in the form of extremely small particles that are up to 20 times smaller than our pores. The PM’s easily penetrate the facial skin’s surface and deplete it of essential proteins. As a result, the facial skin is damaged and the aging process is expedited. The most common effects on facial skin are:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Uneven facial skin tone
• Dehydrated facial skin
• Acne
• Skin rashes

The longer we are exposed to pollution, the more the damage increases, and the less the facial skin can protect itself.

Pollution isn’t just outdoors. The US Environment Protection Agency recently published a report that revealed that levels of indoor air pollutants can be 2-5 times higher than levels found outdoors2. Examples of pollutants include household chemicals and creosote from fireplaces and stoves.

Since we can’t all withdraw to a secluded island in the Caribbeans, there are a few things we can do to help our skin. First of all, we must clean our facial skin well. Soap and scrubs are effective but can’t really remove the PMs. One of the best solutions is facial skin exfoliation. The NowMi enables you to exfoliate the skin in 5 minutes and remove the outermost layer of the skin. Second, you need to infuse your skin with anti-oxidants to help it combat the negative effects of pollution. Here again the NowMi treatment comes to the rescue and infuses your skin with Vitamin C and E, powerful antioxidants which help the skin combat free radicals.