The vitamin C contained in the effervescent tablet together with the vitamin E and hyaluronic acid found in the gel, penetrate the facial skin’s surface.  The nutrients nourish the facial skin and restore its depleted reserves.  Researchhas shown that Vitamin C is instrumental as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent.

Anti-aging effect:

As we age, our skin’s dermal layer becomes thinner and collagen progressively degrades.  Vitamin C helps to stabilize the collagen fibers and to create new collagen. This results in decreased collagen degradation and facial skin that is more plump and supple.

Anti-inflammatory effect:

Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory nutrient which helps to counter age-related inflammatory skin conditions such as Rosacea.  It is also known to promote wound healing and prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

A key advantage of the NowMi treatment is that the vitamin C in the effervescent tablet is of the highest level of purity which ensures the most effective results.  Furthermore, since the tablet is sealed until use, the Vitamin C isn’t exposed to air and light, factors which significantly degrade its quality. The vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid help the facial skin maintain its moisture and firmness, and the vitamin E significantly enhances the effectiveness of the vitamin C.

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