During treatment with the NowMi Basic device, a natural oxygenation process occurs.  When the gel containing the vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid comes into contact with the effervescent tablet containing the vitamin C, a chemical reaction takes place.

As a result of this reaction, minute Carbon Dioxide (CO2) bubbles are formed on the skin’s surface, creating a CO2 rich environment.

The body responds to the CO2 rich environment by sending oxygen (O2) rich blood cells to the facial skin. This is a natural physiological response that is called the ‘Bohr Effect’ (named after Christian Bohr which discovered the effect in 1904).

The advantage of this process is that the body naturally ‘oxygenates itself from within’ – increasing the capillary flow and the skin’s metabolism – which optimizes the penetration and absorption of the nutrients.

Figure 1: A CO2 rich environment and the infusion of active ingredients

Figure 2: Oxygenation of skin cells and skin rejuvenation