Sonic Energy- Sounds Good...

The NowMi Pro is a home-use device that delivers a spa quality facial skin treatment. Like a spa, the NowMi Pro treatment performs 3 actions- skin exfoliation, nourishment and oxygenation. In addition, the treatment protects the skin from harmful extrinsic factors such as pollution and smoke. The added advantage of the NowMi Pro device is that it uses sonic energy which enhances the effectiveness of each action.

Sonic Exfoliation

The effervescent tablet gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin, dirt and oil. The sonic energy significantly enhances the efficiency of the exfoliation, ensuring that every pore is cleaned.

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Sonic Nourishment

The NowMi Pro treatment infuses the skin with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid. These nutrients help the skin to rejuvenate itself and slow down the signs of aging.

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Sonic Oxygenation

The NowMi Pro device stimulates the body to create an oxygen rich environment in the treatment area. As a result, a natural ‘facial oxygenation’ effect occurs. The Sonic energy further enhances this effect.

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Sonic Protection

With age, the skin’s supply of vitamin C dramatically decreases. The NowMi Pro treatment infuses the skin with vitamin C which enables it to protect itself against extrinsic factors

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I have been using the NowMi Pro for a month now and my skin has NEVER looked better. Its texture has improved and the wrinkles around my eyes have diminished. I love this treatment.

Rachel Weiss