Sonic facial skin protectionProtecting your facial skin from harmful extrinsic factors such as smoke and pollution dramatically increases its health and appearance. The NowMi facial skin protection treatment takes a novel approach to skin protection by infusing it with pure vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps the skin ward off free-radicals.  Free-radicals are caused by extrinsic factors and harm the skin’s defense mechanism resulting in skin damage and premature aging.

Vitamin C is the most prevalent antioxidant in the human skin and can be found in large concentrations in the dermal and epidermal skin layers. However, with age, its concentration rapidly decreases, and aged skin has approximately 70% less antioxidants compared to young skin.  As the concentrations decrease, the skin becomes more vulnerable.

The NowMi facial skin protection treatment replenishes the skin’s vitamin C supply which enables it to effectively protect itself and also repair damage caused by free-radicals.

The sonic energy plays an important role in the protection of the facial skin. The NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic pulsations per minute which significantly improves the infusion of the vitamin C and ensures that it penetrates the dermal skin cells.