If you don’t already know it, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been scientifically proven as a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent. This is fabulous news since we can all get our hands on some vit C!

Here are some of the top advantage of this wonder vitamins for skin:
1. Vitamin C replenishes and plumps up the epidermis: The epidermis is the outermost layer of cells in the facial skin and it contains high concentrations of vitamin C. When the skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, the rays reduce the amount of vit C in the skin. Thus, with age, the amount of ascorbic acid in the skin significantly declines- an elderly person has about 70% less vitamin C in their skin compared to a teenager.
2. Vitamin C limits damage caused by UV rays: Vit C is a powerful antioxidant and as such it protects the facial skin against sun exposure. The UV rays can cause the formation of free-radicals in the facial skin such as superoxide ion, peroxide and singlet oxygen, which damage and prematurely age the facial skin. Vitamin C protects the skin from these harmful free-radicals by sequentially donating electrons that neutralize the free radicals and helps the facial skin maintain its youthful appearance.
3. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen: Collagen is the protein in the skin that helps it maintain its firmness and youthful appearance. Ascorbic acid is essential for collagen biosynthesis. It has been shown to increase collagen synthesis and serves as a co-factor for the prolysyl and lysyl hydroxylase enzymes which are responsible for stabilizing and cross-linking the collagen molecules. As a result, the Vitamin C helps the facial skin to repair and rejuvenate itself.
4. Vitamin C helps in wound healing: The body uses Vit C to replace damaged skin tissue with scar tissue. This helps the wounds to heal properly.

Here are a few other interesting facts about Vitamin C:
1. Vitamin C combined with vitamin E is highly effective: Research has shown that topically applied combinations of vit C and vit E are four fold more effective in preventing photodamage.
2. A high quality vitamin C ingredient oxidizes quickly: The ascorbic acid used in topical solutions isn’t stable. As a result, as soon as it is exposed to light, heat or air, the quality of the vitamin C begins to degrade.
3. Exfoliation increases the absorption of the vit C: Prior to topically applying vitamin C, it is best to exfoliate the facial skin. This ensures that dead skin and dirt don’t hinder the penetration of the vitamin and it is best absorbed by the facial skin.

The NowMi Treatment is the best way to give your facial skin the vitamin C fix it needs:
Unlike any other product on the market, the ascorbic acid used in the NowMi treatment is contained in a sealed packet until use. The packet protects it from light, air or moisture. This ensures that the purest level of vit C is used. Also, during treatment, the outermost layer of the skin is exfoliated to ensure the optimal penetration of the vitamins for skin. Finally, the vitamin C is combined with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid to deliver the best skin rejuvenation results.