Amir-Ad Ltd., established in 2011, is a prominent holding company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative devices and treatments for the home-use beauty market. Founded by Dr. Zion Azar, a renowned expert in the medical aesthetic field, our company strives to provide affordable, effective, and user-friendly beauty treatments to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, empowering them to look and feel their best.
With a proven track record of success in the Hi-Tech industry, Dr. Azar has founded and co-founded several acclaimed Israeli companies, including Radiancy®, Perfaction®, Ultragen®, and Pollogen®. These companies have pioneered cutting-edge medical aesthetic solutions that have revolutionized the industry. Dr. Azar’s extensive expertise has resulted in the invention of over two dozen patents in the aesthetic field, including groundbreaking technologies such as TriPollar® radiofrequency, LHE® and Thermicon® hair removal, TriLipo® body contouring, TriFractional® facial sculpting, and OxyGeneo™ super facial.
Headquartered in Shoham, a suburb of Tel-Aviv and the largest hub of high-tech Israeli companies, Amir-Ad operates an in-house R&D group and marketing department while partnering with high-quality sub-contractors for manufacturing. This strategic setup allows us to harness the expertise and resources of the region while ensuring the delivery of exceptional products.
As a global leader in the medical and home-based aesthetics markets, Amir-Ad provides innovative, safe, and effective solutions that enhance and expand the practices of medical aesthetics professionals, as well as meet the needs of private aesthetic customers. Our product range encompasses a variety of skin treatments powered by proprietary technologies, namely NowMi and Pulsed InfraRed (PIR). These solutions cater to the specific requirements of consumers worldwide in the ever-evolving aesthetic industry.
The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial treatment stands as a testament to Amir-Ad’s commitment to addressing unmet market needs. It offers a spa-quality oxygen facial treatment in a convenient home-use device. Our range includes three versions: NowMi Basic, NowMi Pro, and NowMi LUX. The NowMi Basic provides a powerful vitamin C oxygen facial treatment that simultaneously exfoliates the skin, infuses nutrients, oxygenates the skin, and offers protection. The NowMi Pro goes a step further by incorporating sonic energy into each action and providing a daily sonic facial cleansing. The NowMi LUX adds a low-level light treatment for enhanced benefits. With the NowMi treatment, customers can achieve spa-like results in just 5 minutes, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional spa treatment.
Amir-Ad has recently introduced the PIR device and PIR Pro, revolutionary at-home facial rejuvenation systems utilizing Near Infrared (NIR) energy. Powered by Pulsed InfraRed technology, PIR enables customers to experience the most effective and long-lasting skin tightening and anti-aging results in the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for professional spa visits and significantly reducing costs.
Our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and enhancing beauty experiences at home has established Amir-Ad as a leader in the aesthetic industry. With a portfolio of cutting-edge products and a commitment to excellence, we continue to redefine the boundaries of beauty technology and provide accessible solutions for individuals seeking optimal aesthetic results.

Radiancy®, LHE®, Thermicon® are registered trademarks of Radiancy
Perfaction® is a registered trademark of Perfaction
Ultragen® is registered trademark of Ultragen
Pollogen®, TriPollar®, TriLipo®, TriFractional® are registered trademarks of Pollogen
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NowMi® is registered  trademark of Amir-Ad and 4-in-1 super facial™ are trademark of Amir-Ad