From the Spa to your Home

The demand for safe and efficient beauty devices for home use is constantly on the rise. A recent market study 1 indicated that the home use industry is expected to undergo a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) growth of 18.7% over the next few years. However, very few products can be adapted from professional to home use. The reason for this is that in the scaling down process, the devices usually loose their effectiveness. There are however a few known exceptions- the No! No! ® device for hair removal and the TriPollar® STOP® anti-aging device. Both of these products were designed by Dr. Zion Azar- the inventor of the NowMi oxygen facial treatment.

Taking on the challenge of creating a personal skin oxygenation device that delivers a spa quality oxygen facial, Dr. Azar investigated the most important elements of the professional facial treatment. These elements were identified as skin exfoliation, infusion of potent nutrients, skin oxygenation and skin protection. To this end, the technology of the NowMi device was fine-tuned until it was able to deliver these four actions simultaneously at a standard comparable to a top-end spa.

At the core of the technology is the chemical reaction between the vitamin C effervescent tablet and the unique gel. The effervescent tablet effectively exfoliates and cleanses the skin, and the gel enables it to easily glide on the skin. In addition, the effervescent tablet contains vitamin C of the highest purity and the gel contains vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid. These potent ingredients easily penetrate the skin and nourish and revitalize it. When the effervescent tablet comes into contact with the gel, a C02 rich environment is created on the skin’s surface and the body responds by sending oxygen rich blood to the target area. As a result, the skin ‘oxygenate itself from within’ resulting in an ‘Oxygen Facial’ effect which maximizes the absorption of the nutrients. Finally, the C and E vitamins which are absorbed in the skin are powerful antioxidants which help it protect against free radials caused by pollution, smoking and other extrinsic factors.

* no!no! is registered trademarks of Radiancy Ltd.
** TriPollar and STOP are registered trademarks of Pollogen Ltd.


Skin exfoliation involves removing unwanted dead cells and oil from the skin’s surface. In the NowMi treatment, the vitamin C effervescent tablet performs the exfoliation. The tablet has a coarse texture which gently clears away the skin's superficial layer.

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The vitamin C contained in the effervescent tablet together with the vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid found in the gel, penetrate the skin’s surface. The nutrients nourish the skin and restore its depleted reserves.

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The NowMi treatment oxygenates the skin from within. During treatment, millions of micro Carbon Dioxide (CO2) bubbles are formed on the skin’s surface which stimulate the body to send oxygen-rich blood cells to the treatment area.

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Vitamin C is the most prevalent antioxidant in the human skin. With age however, its quantity significantly declines. The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial infuses the skin with pure vitamin C creating anti-aging effect and protects the skin from harmful oxidants.

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"Loving this new product. NowMi. Coupling the chemical reaction between Vitamin C tablet and unique gel, your skin can be nourished and oxygenated “from within”!"

Nicholas Beckwith

"Amazing Product .. 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 Ground breaking innovation of NOWMI!"

Tina Kay