Losing weight is an excellent thing because it can help you feel better and lower your risk of disease. However, the issue is that sometimes, the exercises you do just ensure that you keep the weight off. You’ve still got the same amount of skin, and it begins to sag because it has less elasticity. Learning how to treat sagging skin and ensuring that your body focuses on collagen production can help your skin tighten back up.

Does the Face Tighten after Weight Loss?

Your face can tighten back up after you’ve lost weight, but it depends on how quickly you lost the weight. For example, if you have bariatric surgery, it is likely that you will experience sagging facial skin. Though these medical procedures can be helpful, they often result in wrinkles and looser and droopy skin.

Loss of Elastin

Even though you can lose elastin anywhere on the body, most people worry the most about their facial skin. Droopy eyelids, chin, jowls, and lax throat skin can all make you look older. Usually, more exercise isn’t going to help. Instead, you might want to consider cosmetic creams as a daily treatment. They can help to tighten the muscles and improve the skin’s appearance.  

How Can I Tighten Loose Skin on My Face?

You can seek out many products on the market that can get your skin back to its regular texture. Of course, these are cosmetic in nature and have nothing to do with your overall health. Still, firming creams can improve the appearance of your sagging skin, especially if more moisture is needed.

Supplements might also be helpful, as they can boost the body’s collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. Just make sure that the products contain protein, gelatin, and Vitamin C. They might also have collagen hydrolysate, which helps with sagging skin.

Cosmetic Procedures Are Popular

Many women don’t like to think about cosmetic procedures, but they can work wonders. Remember, the skin is sagging because there is less fat in the area. Cosmetic procedures may ensure that you don’t have to deal with the problem anymore. Chemical peels are the most popular, and they may get you back to the health and glow you desire from your skin. A facial might also work to help the skin look its best.

Does Loose Skin after Weight Loss Go Away?

Usually it doesn’t. The body may not be able to produce enough collagen on its own to boost elasticity. Elasticity is what makes the skin ‘pop’ into its original form. When you press on the skin, it shouldn’t stay depressed for long. Often, that doesn’t happen if you don’t use the right products.

In some cases where the skin gets loose just a little, you may find that the body retracts to its original positions. However, this isn’t always going to be the situation. You may want to wait for a few weeks or one month to see if the face is going to lift itself. Otherwise, you may want to consider home treatments. You’ve done your best to lose the pounds, and now you want to prevent your skin from sagging and aging prematurely.  

What Causes Saggy Facial Skin?

There are many reasons for sagging skin. Weight loss is a very common one, but pregnancy, illness, and the aging process can all play a part. Your skin has some elasticity to it, which means it stretches to meet your daily needs and goes back to its original shape when it’s done. However, with age, the skin becomes less elastic. This process is known as elastosis and as a result, the skin can appear more lax and leathery.

Collagen is a protein found in the skin and it is produced by the fibroblasts in the body. When your skin is firm and tight, that’s what you should be thanking. The tightly-constructed collagen fibers allow the skin to maintain its structure and its firmness with time. Unfortunately, collagen deteriorates as you become older by pollutants in the air, UV exposure, and other lifestyle factors.

A Few Options

Many women find that having a facial done periodically is a great way to prevent sagging of the skin. However, it can be problematic for those who don’t like chemicals on the face or don’t want to pay to have such a procedure done. You can find products that can benefit your body, as well.


Exercising is an excellent way to stay fit and feel good about yourself. If you have a lot of pounds to lose, though, the weight loss can cause the facial skin to sag. There are things you can do now to prevent this from happening, such as specialty products and facials.