NowMi Pro: Facial Skin Oxygenation Device

NowMi Pro: Facial Skin Oxygenation Device

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Israeli Hi-Tech technology – Made in Israel and shipped from ISRAEL

The NowMi Pro device is a home-based sonic anti-aging vitamin C oxygen facial device. The device is multi-functional: it is used for daily sonic facial skin cleansing, and weekly spa-quality anti-aging oxygen facials. The treatment has been clinically proven to increase facial skin smoothness for healthy, younger looking skin.

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Discover the NowMi Pro – The most advanced complete facial solution on the market

Unprecedented convenience: The NowMi Pro enables you to enjoy a spa quality vitamin C oxygen facial treatment in the comfort of your home. You will achieve similar results, but without having to book or travel to and from the SPA! You can carry out the treatment anytime and anywhere!
Dual treatment: The NowMi Pro device includes a daily cleansing treatment and a weekly vitamin C oxygen facial.
Saves time: The NowMi treatment takes only 5 minutes. Yes, in 5 minutes you can cleans your face, infuse it with nourishing vitamins and minerals, oxygenate it and protect it from damaging extrinsic factors.
Saves money: The NowMi treatment costs a fraction of the price of its SPA equivalent. In the NowMi Pro kit you get a supply of 6 facial oxygenation treatments for a complete treatment course.
Amazing results: The skin rejuvenation and anti-aging results of the NowMi Pro treatment have been clinically proven and you will see and feel the difference after the very first treatment.
Advanced technology: The NowMi Pro uses a unique skin oxygenation technology that stimulates the body to ‘oxygenate itself from within‘. The same science-backed skin oxygenation technology of the OxyGeneo treatment that has been used in professional clinics since 2013
Backed by Science: The NowMi Pro uses the same science-backed skin oxygenation technology that is used in professional clinics since 2013.
Influencers: Top beauty bloggers have tried out the NowMi Pro and love it! Click here to see what beauty experts have to say.

Bring the SPA treatment to your home

NowMi Clinical results
Graphical representation of facial skin smoothness improvements compared to baseline and after the 3rd and 6th treatments. After 3 weekly treatments facial smoothness increased by 15.1% and after 6 weekly treatments facial skin smoothness continues to increase to 25.9%.

Deep Daily Cleansing: The NowMi Pro device deeply cleanses your skin and rids it of all unwanted dirt and makeup. The device has a soft surface with silicone micro-fingers upon which you place the cleansing gel. The NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic pulses per minute which ensure that the cleansing gel penetrates and cleans all of the pores. While the treatment is highly effective, it is also very gently on the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. Furthermore, research has shown that sonic cleansing is up to 6 times more efficient than hand washing alone.
In addition to cleansing the skin, the NowMi cleansing gel includes vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals. These essential vitamin and minerals reinvigorate and strengthen the skin.

Weekly Facial Oxygen treatments: The NowMi Pro weekly vitamin C oxygen facial treatment performs 4 skin actions- exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection. Each of these actions is performed using sonic energy which further enhances the effectiveness of the treatment and ensures superior results.

Sonic Exfoliation: The exfoliation is performed primarily by the vitamin C effervescent tablet which has a slightly coarse surface. When massaged into the skin, the effervescent tablet gently removes the outer layer of the skin leaving it incredibly soft and smooth. Most importantly, the exfoliation opens the skin and facilitates the optimal penetration of vitamins and minerals into the skin.

Sonic Nourishment: During treatment the skin is infused with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. The vitamin C is delivered through the effervescent tablet. The tablet is sealed until use which ensures that the purest quality of vitamin C penetrates the skin. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps the body to neutralize free-radicals and slow down the signs of aging. It also reduces skin inflammation and pigmentation and plays a critical role in helping the skin protect itself from the sun’s ultraviolet light and other damaging extrinsic factors. The NowMi lubricant gel contains vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid which are infused into the skin. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the skin protect itself from extrinsic factors such as pollution, smoke, unhealthy food and more. The skin contains more vitamin E than any other nutrient, which emphasizes its key role in nourishing and protecting the skin. Vitamin E is also renowned for its anti-aging attributes as well as its skin hydration and scar reducing qualities. The Hyaluronic acid plays a major role in hydrating the skin. It helps the skin to retain water and as a result slows the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Hyaluronic acid also helps the skin repair itself faster and reduces skin inflammation.The sonic energy dramatically improves the effectiveness of the infusion since it helps the ingredients reach deeper and faster into the skin.Once the skin is replenished from its lost vitamin C, E and hyaluronic supply it is able to restore itself and turn back the signs of aging.

Sonic Skin Oxygenation: When the effervescent tablet comes into contact with the lubricant gel a chemical reaction occurs which creates a CO2 rich environment on the skin. As a result, the body responds by sending oxygen infused blood to the area. By doing so, it creates a natural facial skin oxygenation effect from within the skin which helps the absorption of the vitamins and minerals. The sonic energy further increases the oxygenation process- it degases the CO2 microbubbles which significantly boosts the skin oxygenation effect.

Sonic Protection: Vitamin C is the most prevalent antioxidant in the human skin and can be found in large concentrations in the dermal and epidermal layers. However, with age, its concentration rapidly decreases, and often aged skin has 70% less antioxidants compared to young skin. As the concentrations decrease, the skin becomes more vulnerable to damaging extrinsic factors pollution and smoke. The NowMi Pro treatment replenishes the skin’s vitamin C supply and enables it to protect itself from extrinsic factors and repair damaged skin. The sonic energy plays an important role in the protection of the skin since it exponentially increases the infusion of the vitamin C.

See how to use the NowMi Pro

See amazing results:NowMi PRO clinical results

See what top beauty bloggers say about the NowMi Pro:

Blogger Denise Mann from Beauty in the bag reviewed the NowMi PRO device

February 13, 2019

“My skin felt super clean and soft and I appreciate how easy and fun it is to use. Once you get the hang of it, you can do your whole face literally in minutes, pile on some SPF50 and you’re out the door.”

Blogger Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed reviewed the NowMi Pro device.

Beauty Crazed , January 17, 2019

“It’s very easy to use and after 6 weeks I can really see the results: my skin looks and feels smoother and fine lines are less evident; my skin is more hydrated and plumper;
but what I really notice is the radiance, my skin glows – like really, really glows!”

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Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 9 cm
Kit contains

1 NowMi Pro Personal Sonic Device, 6 Vitamin C effervescent tablets for 6 weekly Oxygen Facial Treatments, 1 NowMi lubricant gel (100 ml), 1 NowMi facial cleansing gel (100 ml) for daily cleansing and skin nourishment with vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead sea minerals


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18 reviews for NowMi Pro: Facial Skin Oxygenation Device

  1. Cindy Batchelor

    I’ve been using this awesome device the last month and can’t believe how great my skin looks and feels too! My skin has been oilier this year for some reason, and after using my NowMi device daily, I’ve noticed my skin isn’t oily! I feel like my skin has a nice glow and looks more radiant overall too! It also feels so much smoother too!

    NowMi is very simple to use and only takes a few minutes of my day. I love how convenient it is to use right in the shower too!

    I have really enjoyed using my NowMi and find it relaxing and soothing to use too. I really love how amazing my skin looks and feels after regularly using it as well too!

  2. Lisamarie

    Going to the spa is one of my favourite things but sadly time and money prevent me from doing it as often as I would like to – so I love discovering at-home treatments that make me feel all the spa relaxation and effectiveness without the time-suck and price tag!

    It’s very easy to use and after 6 weeks I can really see the results:my skin looks and feels smoother and fine lines are less evident; my skin is more hydrated and plumper; but what I really notice is the radiance, my skin glows – like really, really glows!

    What’s also nice about the device, it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep – it’s highly hygienic since it’s made of nonporous silicone which is resistant to bacteria buildup and is also completely waterproof so can be used in the shower or bath. And once you fully charge it up, it has enough power to supply a month’s worth of treatments which makes it a great travel buddy!

  3. Tiffany Hendra

    Due to working on camera and wearing heavy makeup several times a week, my skin get very dull and congested. I love being able to give myself an effective and quick facial (at home) with the NowMi device. I’m able to deep clean my skin, exfoliate and add nutrients for a fraction of the cost of a medspa facial. It keeps my skin camera ready, glowing and looking it’s best. Plus I save time by not getting out in traffic. Win win!

  4. Sissi Nuthman

    Totally love this handy device! I love especially the weekly sonic oxygen facial! I have never experienced anything like it! Truly this is so different than any facial treatment or device that I have ever tried! So, one side of the device has a little pocket in which you put an effervescent (fizzy!) Vitamin C tablet! The tablet is sealed until use, which ensures that the purest quality of vitamin C penetrates the skin. Such a great feeling. New fan over here!

  5. Yang (verified owner)

    I have been using vitamin C skincare products for years, and it has phenomenal performance on smoothing out fine lines, boosting skin’s collagen production. Usually, the vitamin C skin care products only contain less than 15% of vitamin C. However, NowMi effervescent tablet contains much higher vitamin C concentration!
    I have been using the devie for a month, and I definitely see a difference on my skin. I found my skin gets brighter, smoother, and the fine lines are getting less visible. Doing oxygen facial using NowMi at home has greatly saved my time and money in comparison with going to SPA, and it’s so convenient and easy to use! I will keep using Nowmi, and definitely recommend it to my friends!

  6. Anna miller

    Love the NowMi Pro device! My skin felt so soft and was glowing after the first oxygenation treatment. I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly I saw results, the next day my skin looked and felt amazing – so much brighter and clearer! I found the device really easy to use, it doesn’t take long at all, and I love the fact that this is to do once a week, perfect to do for a Sunday pampering session.

  7. Angel Dobbins

    I am amazed at the results I got from using the NowMi Pro. My skin has never looked better. I use the daily cleanser everyday with the NowMi Pro and I use the Vitamin C effervescent tablets every 7-10 days. I have recommended the NowMi Pro to all of my friends and family. I am so glad I discovered this device.

  8. Ashli Carnicelli

    As a Licensed Aesthetician, I have used many facial cleansing devices in my treatment room before. I LOVE the NowMi Pro most! I love the silicone material which is anti-bacterial, I love the Vitamin C Oxygenating feature for a weekly treatment, and for personal use it gets my skin prepped for all of my active skincare at night! I highly recommend to clients and friends!

  9. Jen

    This is such a great device to use at home when you aren’t able to get out and get a professional facial. My face felt more clear and even after just two weeks. Highly recommend.

  10. Juvan

    I used the NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial for 3 weeks and noticed that my skin brightened and immediately after using this treatment my pore sizes appeared smaller. Overall, I was surprised with the results I got from using the NowMi Pro.

  11. Victoria Styles

    Fabulous cleansing system! My skin felt softer and looked brighter within a few weeks of using the NowMi Pro. I would love to be able to purchase the re fills in a store near by but for now I’ll settle for ordering online. It’s well worth it.

  12. Marjorie7777

    OK my thoughts on this skincare line and devise… I have been trying it out for week now… I liked it a lot I like how it gave my skin that needed moisture in my winter skin, also the tone and texture of my skin felt amazing.
    There also is something about using a handheld silicone facial machine. I mean I have tried out, A fair share of skincare facial devices. From the brush types to silicone. I really see a difference in using silicone facial machine…they are also resistant to bacteria.. And in My opinions a lot more gentle on your skin, but very effective.
    Now having a oxygenated vitamin C facial once a week! Certainly will put you in la la land… your skin is going to love it.
    It’s so easy to use. This facial machine comes complete with everything you will need to achieve baby soft radiant skin. … Super for all anti-aging needs.
    Charge it, use it everyday to cleanse your face and neck, décolleté. Then oxygenated with the Vitamin C tablet once a week… Your skin will be so radiant and baby soft and healthy…. Highly recommend this NowMi for all skin types and such a great tool for anti-aging 💋

  13. Evelyn Parham

    The NowMi Pro device does what it claims. I noticed immediate results with my skin texture. My skin felt and looked smooth and it looked clean. I was blown away the first time I used the NowMi Pro device. I love the way the device makes my face feel. It’s a must-have in your skincare arsenal for improving your skin texture and upping your game anti-aging.

  14. Marla Robinson

    I absolutely love this whole skin care system. The silicone brush is one of the best I have ever used. Very soft yet cleaned my skin and makeup off very effectively. The Facial Cleansing gel left my pores free of impurities and they looked less noticeable in appearance. My skin actually looked brighter. None of the products dried out my skin. My skin was left smooth, soft, and glowing after use. Loved being able to do a weekly facial on my skin too. The Vit. C tablets exfoliated my skin while giving it nourishment. I would highly recommend this skin care system to anyone looking for excellent anti-aging products.

  15. Glory B

    The NowMi Pro is a great device to use on my face! At my age, I don’t want to use a facial brush. The NowMi Pro is gentle on my skin and yet exfoliates my skin really well. It feels smooth after cleansing, as if I’ve just used an exfoliating product. The weekly vitamin C facial takes it a step further. This is an excellent anti-aging product – and I’m 60 – always looking for great anti-aging products and this definitely is one! See my full review & a demo on video at this link –

  16. Jen

    I was super impressed with this NowMi Pro device. I’ve never used an oxygenated system before and now I find myself using it daily to wash my face and weekly treating my skin with the Vitamin C tablets. I highly recommend adding this device to your skincare regimen. You will certainly notice the difference in your skin and many will notice as well. So happy I have NowMi Pro in my life.

  17. Dana W

    Loved this NowMi Pro multi-function device. I really love the combination of the sonic cleansing brush, Vitamin C, and Oxygenating affect it has on the skin. The NowMi Pro device will leave your skin glowing PLUS its easy to use!

  18. Michelle W

    I’ve been using the NowMi Pro for a few months. I use the device every night after I’ve removed by makeup. It does a fantastic job of cleaning my skin. I have large pores in my t-zone, and I like knowing that the pores are cleaned out. The Vitamin C tablets are fun to use and make my skin feel so soft. I took off one star for the price. Otherwise, the device is great!

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