Keeping your skin healthy and glowing while maintaining a busy urban lifestyle is a challenging task. Most women wear makeup all day in an environment that is full of pollution, overexpose their skin to damaging sun rays, and live with high levels of daily stress. All these factors (and more) take their toll on our skin.   Lack of oxygen in our skin is one of the main reasons for dull, unhealthy and poor complexion, which is where an at home vitamin C oxygen facial comes into play.

Skin advantages of Vitamin C
The NowMi treatment infuses vitamin C into the skin

What is a vitamin C oxygen facial?

A vitamin C oxygen facial combines the benefits of a traditional oxygen facial with the advantages of a vitamin C facial. A traditional oxygen facial is typically done in a SPA. It is a very expensive facial treatment and can take up to two hours.  An oxygen facial treatment in a SPA uses a machine that sprays high pressure and highly concentrated oxygen onto the epidermis. The oxygen is used to treat  visible signs of aging, cleanse the pores, kill acne bacteria and stimulate collagen growth.  The treatment is favored by many celebs, and stars such as Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Coleman and even Justin Timberlake swear by them and even reportedly travel with their own oxygen facial machine.

See below how vitamin C oxygen facial works and the device you can use at home to save you time and money.

Traditional oxygen facial

Is oxygen vital for your skin?

Yes. Oxygen is essential for every living cell and lack of oxygen eventually causes cell death. All biological processes use oxygen, and in the skin, oxygen is vital for the health and maintenance of the skin’s cells and plays a critical role in regenerating collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the two major proteins responsible for the integrity and structure of our skin. As we age,  our skin loses up to 2% of collagen every year which results in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. However, when plenty of oxygen is available to the skin it boosts circulation, stimulates cell turnover and immediately results in a glowing and revitalized complexion.  

Is vitamin C vital to your skin?

Our facial skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C in order to protect it from free radicals. Clinical studies have shown that aged skin has 70% less concentrations of vitamin C compared to young skin. As the concentrations of vitamin C decrease, the facial skin becomes more vulnerable to the external environment and starts to age. Regretfully, human beings are unable to synthesize vitamin C in their bodies and must rely on oral intake or topical application of the vitamin.

The NowMi treatment slows down the signs of aging
How to reduce the effect of free radicals on the skin

Traditional oxygen facials vs. skin oxygenation from within

In traditional oxygen facials high-pressure oxygen gas is sprayed on the skin from the outside. The oxygen aims to increase the levels of oxygen to the outermost layer of the skin-  the epidermis.

Conversely, when the  skin is oxygenated “from within”, a natural biological process from within the body is used  to bring more blood and oxygen to all of the layers of the skin. In my previous company, Pollogen, I used the well documented influence of CO2 bath treatments known as the “Nauheim bath” treatments to invent the first spa treatment, that oxygenates the skin from within [see references 1-3].  This technology was coined “OxyGeneo” and was quickly adopted by the spa industry.  However,  in a customer survey we conducted, we discovered that only a few customers could afford the high cost of a full treatment course that included 6 weekly treatments. Most of the customers performed  one or two treatments, mostly before important events like a wedding. This led me, in my new company, to invent and develop the NowMi at home vitamin C oxygen facial.  Using the NowMi treatment, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a powerful oxygen facial that infuses pure vitamin C into your skin, in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price of its spa equivalent. 

When MOM get facial

NowMi Pro: Vitamin C oxygen facial device at home

With the NowMi Pro kit you get 6 weekly vitamin C anti-aging oxygen facial treatments that you can perform anywhere, anytime!  This lets you save valuable time and instead of going to the spa, you can bring the spa treatment to your home.  Best of all, you can save money since the kit costs a fraction of its spa equivalent.

The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro weekly spa facial

The NowMi Pro treatment:

The NowMi Pro treatment enables you to perform weekly spa oxygenation treatments as well as daily facial cleansing.

The complete NowMi Pro kit contains:
• 1 NowMi Pro Personal Sonic Device
• 6 Pure Vitamin C effervescent tablets for six weekly treatments
• 1 NowMi lubricant gel tube containing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid
• 1 NowMi facial cleansing gel tube for daily facial cleansing containing vitamin B3, B5, E
• USB charger

The NowMi Pro weekly treatment

The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial treatment uses an effervescent tablet combined with lubricant gel to create a chemical reaction that results in the formation of CO2 micro-bubbles on the skin’s surface.  The NowMi pure vitamin C effervescent tablet contains a 50% concentration vitamin C as well as citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. During treatment, when the effervescent tablet starts dissolving in the lubricant gel, the following chemical reaction begins which releases salt, CO2 and water: The released CO2 creates the scientifically proven Bohr Effect on the facial skin. As a result of the Bohr effect, there is an increase in the capillary blood flow and a release of oxygen from the hemoglobin, which creates a facial skin oxygenation from within.

The weekly NowMi Pro facial treatment performs several actions on the skin- it exfoliates it, oxygenates it, and infuses it with vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which results in glowing healthy skin, and protects it with powerful antioxidants.

NowMi Pro daily treatment

The NowMi Pro treatment kit - Daily
NowMi Pro daily facial cleansing

The NowMi Pro sonic device has super soft silicone bristles for your daily facial cleansing. You are able to increase/decrease the sonic vibrations using the little + or – . This kit also comes with a cleansing gel loaded with antioxidants and minerals such as vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals. The NowMi Pro device thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes all unwanted makeup, dirt and oil.

The NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic pulses per minute which ensure that the cleansing gel penetrates and cleans all of the pores.  The cleaning action is very thorough and research has shown that sonic cleansing is up to 6 times more efficient than hand washing alone.

Vitamin C oxygen facial – Clinical evidence

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