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Facial acne scars form when the body tries to heal the skin from active acne.  Sometimes the body produces too much collagen which results in hypertrophic or raised acne scars, and sometimes there is a shortage of collagen, and atrophic or depressed scars form.  Often, dark spots appear around the area of the healed acne scar.  While these are not scars, the discoloration persists long-after the acne has healed.

There are a wide variety of treatments for acne scars ranging from home remedies to aggressive medical treatments.  The NowMi oxygen treatment improves acne scars by infusing the skin with vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid.  These active ingredients have been shown to limit the formation of scars and help improve them once they are formed.  Vitamin C has also been proven to clear way pigmentation and restore the skin’s natural complexion.

What are acne scars?

Active acne, or Acne Voulgaris, occurs when the hair follicles in the skin get clogged.  They get filled with oil and dead skin cells that the body cannot clear away, and as a result, pimples are formed.  Acne is the most common skin condition and affects over 90% of people, usually in their teens or early 20s. 

If the acne is severe, pus-filled cysts or lumps, known as nodules, develop under the skin.  Sometimes, the nodules do not heal properly and can cause scarring.  One study on acne scars found that approximately 1% of people develop some form of acne scars.

There are two main types of acne scars- atrophic or depressed scars and hypertrophic or raised scars.

Types of acne scars
  1. Atrophic scars – Atrophic scars are most common on the face.  They are depressed scars that form below the surrounding skin. They are created because the body does not produce enough collagen during the acne wound healing process.  There are three types of atrophic scars:
    • Ice pick– Ice pick scars are V-shaped narrow scars that deeply penetrate the skin.  They appear as small round or oval holes in the skin.  They are the most difficult to treat since they penetrate deep into the skin.
    • Rolling– Rolling scars are wide depressions with rounded edges.  They have an irregular, rolling appearance.
    • Boxed – Boxed scars are U-shaped wide scars that have sharp edges.  They can be deep or shallow.  The shallower they are, the better they respond to treatment.
  2. Hypertrophic or raised scars– Hypertrophic scars form above the surface of the skin.  They are created because the body produced too much collagen during the healing process.  The scars are most commonly found on the chest and back.
Types of acne scars | NowMi

The NowMi Oxygen Treatment for Acne Scars

The most fundamental principal in skincare is to keep it clean. Aside from the excess oil and dead skin cells produced by the skin, it is exposed to high levels of extrinsic factors such as pollution, dirt and smoke. 

The NowMi Pro treatment kit - Daily
NowMi Pro daily treatment

To make sure the skin is clean, the NowMi has a daily cleansing and a weekly exfoliation treatment.  The daily cleansing uses a specialized surface with small silicone bristles.  The NowMi cleansing gel is placed onto the bristles and then massaged into the skin.  Throughout the treatment, sonic vibrations ensure that the cleansing gel deeply penetrates and cleanses every pore.  Research has found that facial cleansing using sonic energy is up to 6 times more effective than hand washing alone.

The weekly exfoliation is carried out using the NowMi vitamin C effervescent tablet. The tablet has a slightly coarse texture.  When it is glided over the skin together with the NowMi gel, it gently, yet effectively, exfoliates the skin and removes its outermost layer.  This layer contains dead skin cell, oil, dirt make up residue etc.  The exfoliation ensures the pores are clean, open, and able to function properly.

So if you are suffering from acne, and want to make sure your skin is the cleanest it can be, the NowMi treatment is your best choice.  Furthermore, the clean skin surface minimizes the formation of acne scars.

The second fundamental in skincare is to keep it nourished.  To this end, the NowMi daily treatment infuses the skin with vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals which strengthen and revitalize it and the daily facial deeply nourishes the skin with vitamins C, E and Hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C works wonders on acne scars.  Research has shown the vitamin plays a pivotal role in the formation of collagen.  Therefore, by infusing the skin with vitamin C, you stimulate the body to create new collagen and improve the skin’s texture where the acne scars have formed.  Vitamin C also improves the scar healing process and can prevent the formation of deep and visible scars.  Lastly, vitamin C clears away unwanted pigmentation and can eliminate the dark spots formed by acne and acne scars. 

Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid have been shown to improve the skin’s healing process and reduce the formation of scars.

One of the main features that sets the NowMi treatment apart is that it oxygenates the skin from within.   There is a scientific principle called the ‘Bohr effect’.  The principle states that if the skin experiences an excess amount of carbon dioxide, it sends oxygen-rich blood cells to the area to counter their effect.  Based on this idea, the NowMi treatment creates a carbon-dioxide rich environment on the skin’s surface.  The body then responds and oxygenates the area ‘from within’ the skin.  The main benefit of the oxygenation is that the active ingredients optimally penetrate the skin cells and therefore the best results can be achieved.

Finally, the NowMi treatment protects the skin from sun damage.  Overexposure to UV rays worsen the acne scars and increase the pigmentation around it.  Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that help the skin protect itself from sun damage and other extrinsic factors that harm it. 

The NowMi treatment
The NowMi Pro weekly facial treatment


Many people suffer from acne scars.  The good news is they can be treated! The NowMi treatment infuses the skin with vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid that help the skin heal the scars.  Best of all, you can perform the treatment in the comfort of your own home and it takes only 5 minutes! see the video below for testimonial on NowMi oxygen treatment.

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