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During the winter months the facial skin tends to dry out more easily.  There are many reasons for this- the cooler temperatures, the reduced humidity in the air, the overly hot showers we tend to take, and the fact that we spend so much time in overheated indoor environments.

All of these factors take their toll on our skin.  As cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting says “Heated air inside causes low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from our skin…This can cause cracking, flaking and irritation and leave skin with a lackluster, parched appearance.”  The skin is further damaged by the constant shifting between the heated indoors and the cold outdoors.  This process causes the facial capillaries to rapidly contract and expand which can lead to skin redness and broken veins.  And when it comes to super-hot showers, dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe advises “Hot baths and showers can dissolve the protective barrier in the skin which will eventually lead to dryness”.

One of the best ways to take care of your skin is to pamper it with a wintertime oxygen treatment.  The treatment focuses on hydrating the skin and restoring moisture.

Advantages of a wintertime oxygen treatment

oxygen facial treatment
Traditional oxygen facial

1. Oxygen is vital for the skin– During the winter months, the dry air reduces the oxygen content in the skin. To counter this, the wintertime oxygen treatment infuses the skin with pure oxygen.  As a result, the cells are revitalized and reinvigorated.  They are able to better absorb nourishing vitamins and minerals, clear waste and heal themselves.

 2. Anti-aging effect– One of the reasons for premature skin aging is a decrease in the levels of oxygen in the skin.  As we age, the blood capillaries in the facial skin tend to clog, and as a result, the cells don’t function at their full capacity.  The facial skin becomes paler, thinner and more fragile.  By infusing the skin with oxygen, you can dramatically slow down the signs of aging and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

3. Deep skin hydration – During the wintertime oxygen treatment, the skin is infused with nourishing vitamins and minerals.  One of the key ingredients used is Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a substance naturally produced by the body. Its primary function is to retain water and it can hold 1,000 times its weight in water!  Hyaluronic acid plays a major role in keeping tissues moist and well lubricated and as a result, the skin looks and feels more supple.

The NowMi wintertime oxygen treatment

NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial treatment
NowMi Oxygen Facial

If you lead a busy lifestyle and it is hard for you to find the time to go to a spa to get your wintertime oxygen treatment, there is an alternative!  The NowMi treatment enables you to enjoy a spa-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Best of all, the treatment takes only 5 minutes and costs a fraction of the price of its spa equivalent.

The NowMi Pro is a remarkable device that performs two functions- daily sonic cleansing and weekly vitamin C oxygen facial.

The daily cleanser deeply cleanses the skin and infuses it with vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals which strengthen and revitalize it.

The weekly vitamin C oxygen facial treatment performs 4 actions- skin exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection. 

  • Exfoliation: During exfoliation, all dead skin cells, makeup and dirt are removed from the facial skin’s surface.
  • Nourishment:  The skin is infused with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.  As mentioned above, Hyaluronic acid plays a major role in helping the facial skin retain its moisture, especially during the dry winter months.
  • Oxygenation:  The NowMi treatment uses a unique technology to ‘oxygenate itself from within’. The same science-backed skin oxygenation technology of the OxyGeneo treatment that has been used in professional clinics since 2013. Unlike traditional oxygen facials in which the oxygen is infused from the outside, in the NowMi oxygen facial treatment, the oxygenation process is internal, and as a result, all of the cells are oxygenated and optimally absorb the infused vitamins and minerals.
  • Protection:  The NowMi treatment replenishes the skin’s supply of vitamin C and E. As a result, the skin is better able to protect itself during the winter months from UV rays and other ailments that dry it out.
The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro treatment kit


The winter months are harsh on the skin.  The decline in temperatures, the dry air and the constant shift between heated and unheated environments take their toll on our skin.  Wintertime oxygen treatments can help a lot!  They can restore lost moisture, nourish the skin, and help it remain balanced.

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