NowMi Oxygen Treatment – Beauty, Health and Wellness in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown a wrench in our daily lives. Since its outbreak, we have had to make adjustments–both big and small–to keep ourselves and others safe. Whether you may have noticed it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected how we approach our facial treatments. It may not be entirely safe or even allowed to go to the local salon or spa. Therefore, COVID-19 has forced us to take self-care into our own hands.

Self-Care and Wellness

For most people, COVID-19 has led to an increase in stress and worry. However, instead of turning to salons and spas for some rest and relaxation, self-care must now be carried at home. There is also an increased focus on mental health at this time, and people are using the positivity of self-care and beauty wellness to better their mental state. The increased time at home has also led to more free time, and many are turning to improve their self-care routines. What once was a daily moisturizing routine may now be a full-on daily facial treatment to cope with boredom and worries about the future.

Tips for Your Facial Treatment Routine

If skincare and facial cleansing have become an everyday practice in your routine, then here are some tips for reducing early signs of aging like wrinkles and bags.

Moisturize and Use Sunscreen

If you regularly cleanse your face then you probably already know this tip. However, it is too important to skip. Experts recommend moisturizing your face in the morning and before you go to bed to improve the anti-aging effect.

The sun’s UV rays also have harmful effects on your face and accelerate the signs of aging. Wearing sunscreen helps to prevent wrinkles and a variety of blemishes. It is best to moisturize in the morning with a moisturizer that has SPF. Meanwhile, you should apply a separate cream in the evening, preferably one without SPF.

Add Some Vitamin C

Vitamin C has anti-aging qualities. It can prevent wrinkling and also boost your immune health. You can take a vitamin C supplement or eat foods like oranges, peppers, strawberries, or broccoli.

Stay Hydrated

Staying consistently hydrated can also prevent wrinkles from forming. Of course, drinking water is necessary to survive, but ensuring you have enough in your system is good for the skin on your face. There is no minimum amount to drink for hydration. Just drink water when you are thirsty throughout the day.

Add the NowMi Oxygen Facial Treatment to Your Routine

Since you cannot go to the spa, at-home treatments are all the rage. In particular, oxygen facial treatments are really popular and have been shown to rejuvenate the skin. The NowMi facial treatment kit contains anti-aging compounds like vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, that slow down the signs of aging and heal the skin.

How the NowMi Oxygen Facial Works

There are two NowMi kits- the NowMi Basic and NowMi Pro. Each one gives you a vital oxygen facial treatment in as little as 5 minutes. Both oxygen facial kits come with a lubricant gel, effervescent tablets, and directions for treatment.

NowMi Basic

The NowMi Basic, as you may guess, is the standard option between the two NowMi oxygen facial treatments. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and anti-inflammatory elements are all included in the treatment.
This NowMi treatment works by combining the effervescent tablet and the lubricant gel. The tablet contains vitamin C which exfoliates the facial skin and the lubricant gel has Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. Together, the tablet and the lubricant gel create a CO2 effect that enables the skin to oxygenate itself from within.

NowMi Pro

The NowMi Pro kit comes with many of the same beneficial properties as the NowMi Basic. However, you get a NowMi Pro kit device that helps nourish the skin and enrich the treatment. There are four main steps in this oxygen facial treatment–sonic exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation, and protection.
First, the NowMi Pro kit device uses sonic pulses to ensure the lubricant gel cleanses the skin and pores of your face. This process also ensures that the vitamins and minerals get infused into the skin.
During treatment, a C02 rich enviornoment is created on the surface of the skin. This effect is amplified with the sonic energy. As a result of the C02 effect, a natural facial oxygenation process occurs. With the NowMi Pro, you can enjoy a hydrating, nourishing anti-aging treatment in as little as 5 minutes.

With the power of Vitamin C, oxygen, and a facial device, you can conduct your own spa-like oxygen facial treatment for your skin at home–daily or weekly.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed our daily lives and protecting our skin is essential. Keep your standards high when looking for the right products, and this will enable you to enjoy a perfect skincare routine that protects your skin for years to come.

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