Stem Cells Treatments for Face

Stem cells are one of the new ways to treat many diseases like immune system disorders, and they are a step below organ donation and replacement. Stem cells can be used to treat and care for people with various skin conditions and blemishes. In this article, you can learn more about what this means and the costs of a facelift utilizing this medical technology.

What Is Stem Cells Therapy?

Stem cell treatment or therapy is a regenerative medicine method used to repair injured, diseased or dysfunctional tissues. It can be used to treat or prevent diseases because these cells contain important receptors that express growth factors. This type of treatment can be applied to many different organs, including the facial skin organ. When patients undergo this process to repair a damaged or injured internal organ, there is a possibility that surgery is needed. Sun-damage is a common challenge, as well.

What Are Stem Cells Treatment For The Face?

In this method of treatment, the facial area is rejuvenated. The method can be employed in medical treatments and for cosmetic purposes.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatments

There are a lot of benefits of using stem cell treatment methods. Here are some of them:

• It is a healthier alternative to dermal filler as it is safe and does not contain artificial chemicals.
• Evens out the skin tone.
• It is anti-aging and can reduce wrinkles.
• Fights scarring, which may have a range of causes.
• It improves blood flow.
• Increases collagen production and can, therefore, make you look younger.
• Adipose-derived stem cells are deployed to fight numerous diseases. Adipose tissue is the connective tissue containing fat as an energy store.
• It can help with sun-damaged skin.

There may be other benefits of the different procedures, but the results may also vary according to the person and their existing conditions. A lot of research is still being done to find the best treatment methods for wound healing, sun-damaged skin, and other diseases and conditions. Over the years, the utilization of stem cells in the field of regenerative medicine has only increased.

Can Stem Cells Rejuvenate Skin?

Stem cells can stimulate the production of proteins across the body. Protein is a vital component in many connective structures such as the tendons, skin, and muscles. As a person ages, the body produces fewer skin proteins. When it is increased, either through supplements or stem cell therapy, the skin is strengthened. Therefore, stem cell technology can help to rejuvenate the skin.

How Much Does a Stem Cells Facial Cost?

The cost of the procedure varies depending on what damage or condition the patient is looking to address. If the areas to be treated are large, then the patient can expect to pay more. This treatment can be expensive, but the results can last for years, and the person can see a significant improvement. The price can range from below $5,000 to over $25,000, depending on various considerations. It’s important to talk to a health professional for a proper examination and an accurate price quotation.

How Long Does a Stem Cell Facelift Last?

The average facelift can last between 5- 10 years. Therefore, it is a long-term and effective method to deal with the effects of aging and any blemishes or sun-damage. The process itself only takes a couple of hours to complete and has a very high success rate.


Stem cell technology is emerging as a key player in treating the skin, improving its appearance, and fixing damaged caused by the sun. The technology work in various ways, depending on the intended application. A lot of new research has been done in the last few years on the impact of this method on human skin and organs, and today a lot of people with various health conditions and sun-damaged skin can utilize it without any surgery.

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NowMi Oxygen Treatment – Beauty, Health and Wellness in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown a wrench in our daily lives. Since its outbreak, we have had to make adjustments–both big and small–to keep ourselves and others safe. Whether you may have noticed it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected how we approach our facial treatments. It may not be entirely safe or even allowed to go to the local salon or spa. Therefore, COVID-19 has forced us to take self-care into our own hands.

Self-Care and Wellness

For most people, COVID-19 has led to an increase in stress and worry. However, instead of turning to salons and spas for some rest and relaxation, self-care must now be carried at home. There is also an increased focus on mental health at this time, and people are using the positivity of self-care and beauty wellness to better their mental state. The increased time at home has also led to more free time, and many are turning to improve their self-care routines. What once was a daily moisturizing routine may now be a full-on daily facial treatment to cope with boredom and worries about the future.

Tips for Your Facial Treatment Routine

If skincare and facial cleansing have become an everyday practice in your routine, then here are some tips for reducing early signs of aging like wrinkles and bags.

Moisturize and Use Sunscreen

If you regularly cleanse your face then you probably already know this tip. However, it is too important to skip. Experts recommend moisturizing your face in the morning and before you go to bed to improve the anti-aging effect.

The sun’s UV rays also have harmful effects on your face and accelerate the signs of aging. Wearing sunscreen helps to prevent wrinkles and a variety of blemishes. It is best to moisturize in the morning with a moisturizer that has SPF. Meanwhile, you should apply a separate cream in the evening, preferably one without SPF.

Add Some Vitamin C

Vitamin C has anti-aging qualities. It can prevent wrinkling and also boost your immune health. You can take a vitamin C supplement or eat foods like oranges, peppers, strawberries, or broccoli.

Stay Hydrated

Staying consistently hydrated can also prevent wrinkles from forming. Of course, drinking water is necessary to survive, but ensuring you have enough in your system is good for the skin on your face. There is no minimum amount to drink for hydration. Just drink water when you are thirsty throughout the day.

Add the NowMi Oxygen Facial Treatment to Your Routine

Since you cannot go to the spa, at-home treatments are all the rage. In particular, oxygen facial treatments are really popular and have been shown to rejuvenate the skin. The NowMi facial treatment kit contains anti-aging compounds like vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, that slow down the signs of aging and heal the skin.

How the NowMi Oxygen Facial Works

There are two NowMi kits- the NowMi Basic and NowMi Pro. Each one gives you a vital oxygen facial treatment in as little as 5 minutes. Both oxygen facial kits come with a lubricant gel, effervescent tablets, and directions for treatment.

NowMi Basic

The NowMi Basic, as you may guess, is the standard option between the two NowMi oxygen facial treatments. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and anti-inflammatory elements are all included in the treatment.
This NowMi treatment works by combining the effervescent tablet and the lubricant gel. The tablet contains vitamin C which exfoliates the facial skin and the lubricant gel has Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. Together, the tablet and the lubricant gel create a CO2 effect that enables the skin to oxygenate itself from within.

NowMi Pro

The NowMi Pro kit comes with many of the same beneficial properties as the NowMi Basic. However, you get a NowMi Pro kit device that helps nourish the skin and enrich the treatment. There are four main steps in this oxygen facial treatment–sonic exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation, and protection.
First, the NowMi Pro kit device uses sonic pulses to ensure the lubricant gel cleanses the skin and pores of your face. This process also ensures that the vitamins and minerals get infused into the skin.
During treatment, a C02 rich enviornoment is created on the surface of the skin. This effect is amplified with the sonic energy. As a result of the C02 effect, a natural facial oxygenation process occurs. With the NowMi Pro, you can enjoy a hydrating, nourishing anti-aging treatment in as little as 5 minutes.

With the power of Vitamin C, oxygen, and a facial device, you can conduct your own spa-like oxygen facial treatment for your skin at home–daily or weekly.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed our daily lives and protecting our skin is essential. Keep your standards high when looking for the right products, and this will enable you to enjoy a perfect skincare routine that protects your skin for years to come.

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Facial skin after weight loss

Facial skin after weight loss

It is very common that after losing significant amounts of weight, the skin begins to sag, and often the change is most apparent on facial skin.  The amount of sagging depends on multiple factors such as the amount of weight lost, a person’s age and genetics, and of course lifestyle choices.  In general, the older you are the less elastic your facial skin becomes and your DNA influences how much firmness your skin retains as you age.  Cigarette smoke and UV rays are known to prematurely age facial skin and it is best to avoid them as much as possible.

Sagging skin is never welcomed especially if you have turned your life upside down to lose unwanted fat deposits. It can take a long time to get into a good exercise routine and a healthy diet and it is frustrating that after you have succeeded in reaching your goals you have to deal with sagging facial skin.

If you have lost a significant amount of weight you may experience  sagging jowls, neck and cheeks.  This is because the facial skin cannot conform to the new shape since its elasticity has been damaged.

The elasticity of the skin depends primarily on how long a person has been overweight.  Contrary to popular belief, the time it takes to lose the weight doesn’t play such a major role.  What matters most is how long the person was overweight and for how much time the facial skin was stretched. The longer it was stretched the less likely it is to regain its previous texture and smoothness.

Dr. Marie Jhin M.D., a San-Francisco based dermatologist offers this helpful analogy- “It’s like a balloon. When you first blow up a balloon, it’s really small and tight but when it’s deflated, it doesn’t return to its original shape”[1].

Here are a few tips that limit the amount of sagging facial skin after weight loss:

  1. Facial skin exfoliation: exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. The exfoliation increases the blood circulation which stimulates the production of new collagen fibers.  The collagen fibers increase your skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  2. Build muscle- find the time to build muscle tone. Your body will place healthy and toned muscles where the fat tissue once was. Furthermore, by building strong and sturdy muscles, the facial skin has a firm foundation to lie on.
  3. Limit exposure to UV rays- the sun’s rays destroy the collagen in the facial skin and cause it to age prematurely. Skin that has been overexposed to the sun is often more wrinkled and pigmented. Therefore, use sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun and don’t forget to reapply it every two hours.
  4. Produce: include in your diet as many fruits and vegetables as possible. These contain vitamins and minerals which your skin needs to strengthen itself and become firmer.  Vitamin’s A and C for skin are especially important since they help to build collagen.
  5. Eliminate cigarette smoke- the chemicals in the cigarette smoke cause the skin to be less resilient and reduce the collagen levels in the skin. As a result, deep wrinkles appear and the skin loses much of its elasticity.
  6. Stay hydrated- it is important that your skin cells are well hydrated since the dehydration affects the  cells and leaves them shriveled and inflexible.


The NowMi facial treatment at home is also an excellent way to limit sagging facial skin.  The facial treatment contains an effervescent tablet with pure vitamin C, and perform 4 actions simultaneously: exfoliation, nutrition, oxygenation and facial skin protection.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the facial skin from harmful UV rays and helps the skin to repair itself and rebuild new tissue.  In addition, the treatment also infuses the skin with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which restore its firmness.  Finally, using the NowMi facial treatment you provide your skin with a superior exfoliation mechanism that deeply cleanses all of the pores, increases the blood’s circulation and stimulates collagen production.

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How pollution ages the skin

We live in a world where we all suffer from pollution – from smog, car exhaust, industrial processes and more. Everyone is affected- not only those who live in metropolitan areas. According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, over 80% of the global population breathes polluted air that exceeds the recommended level1. Aside from better known health concerns, the pollution takes a serious tole on our skin and causes it to age prematurely.

Pollution affects people of all ages and skin types. The facial skin is mostly damaged by ground level ozone and particulate matter (PM). Particulate matter refers to pollution in the form of extremely small particles that are up to 20 times smaller than our pores. The PM’s easily penetrate the facial skin’s surface and deplete it of essential proteins. As a result, the facial skin is damaged and the aging process is expedited. The most common effects on facial skin are:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Uneven facial skin tone
• Dehydrated facial skin
• Acne
• Skin rashes

The longer we are exposed to pollution, the more the damage increases, and the less the facial skin can protect itself.

Pollution isn’t just outdoors. The US Environment Protection Agency recently published a report that revealed that levels of indoor air pollutants can be 2-5 times higher than levels found outdoors2. Examples of pollutants include household chemicals and creosote from fireplaces and stoves.

Since we can’t all withdraw to a secluded island in the Caribbeans, there are a few things we can do to help our skin. First of all, we must clean our facial skin well. Soap and scrubs are effective but can’t really remove the PMs. One of the best solutions is facial skin exfoliation. The NowMi enables you to exfoliate the skin in 5 minutes and remove the outermost layer of the skin. Second, you need to infuse your skin with anti-oxidants to help it combat the negative effects of pollution. Here again the NowMi treatment comes to the rescue and infuses your skin with Vitamin C and E, powerful antioxidants which help the skin combat free radicals.