Vitamin C oxygen facial treatment for dark oily skin


If you have oily skin, it is important that you adopt a skin care regimen that limits the excess oil on your face.  Personalized oxygen facias for oily skin are a fantastic alternative.  The oxygen facials not only exfoliate and cleans the skin from unwanted oils, they also deeply nourish it so that it remains balanced and healthy.  The NowMi treatment offers an advanced personalized oxygen facial that is ideal for oily skin and that can be performed at home.  The results are equivalent to those achieved in a professional spa yet the NowMi treatment costs a fraction of the price.

What causes oily skin?

Under each one of our pores is a sebaceous gland that produces sebum.  Sebum is a waxy, oily substance that is vital for the skin since it protects and hydrates it.  In some individuals, the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and as a result the skin becomes oily.  The extra oil gives the face a shiny appearance.  It also tends to clog up the pores and cause acne. The upside is that people with oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles as they age since the skin is highly moisturized.

Sebaceous gland

What are the common causes of oily skin?

1.  Genetics.  The most common cause of oily skin is our genes.  If one of your parents or close relatives has oily skin, then there is a significant chance that you will as well.     

2. Hormonal changes.  Hormones play a key role in the look and feel of our skin.  During periods in which there are high fluctuations in estrogen or testosterone levels, the skin can become oilier.  Examples include puberty, premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy.  In addition, birth control pills and other hormone-based medications can also affect the skin.    

3. An inappropriate skincare regime.  If you over-exfoliate, over-wash or over-cleanse your face, you are stripping it of the moisture it needs.  The skin then responds by producing an excess amount of sebum to compensate for the lost moisture and protect itself.  In general, you should wash your face twice a day, avoid harsh exfoliators and cleansing products that contain alcohol, and make sure to moisturize your face.

4. Environment.  Our skin reacts to our environment.  If you expose it to dry and cold weather, this negatively affects the skin and can result in increased oiliness.  In addition, overexposure to UV rays, infrared light and blue light may cause inflammation that increases the skin’s serum production.

Oily skin vs. dry skin
Oily skin vs. Dry skin

Personalized oxygen facials for oily skin

During a traditional oxygen facial, a special machines infuses pure, pressurized oxygen onto the skin.  In addition to the oxygen,  the aesthetician applies specific serums that help balance oily skin such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, lactic acid and retinol.  Depending on the exact needs of your skin, the aesthetician will choose ingredients that both limit the oiliness of the skin and ensure that it is properly hydrated.  The major advantage of the oxygen facial is that the oxygen helps to push the serum deep into the skin and the ‘oxygenation effect’ caused during the treatment ensures that the skin cells optimally absorb the ingredients.

The NowMi oxygen facial for oily skin

NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial Kit
The NowMi Pro Kit

The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial is an ideal solution if you are battling with oily skin.  The NowMi Pro offers a daily skin cleansing treatment and a weekly facial spa treatment.  The daily treatment not only deeply cleanses the skin, it also infuses it with vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals which moisturize it.  This enables you to ensure that your skin is clean and moisturized on a daily basis. 

The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial weekly treatment performs 4 skin actions- skin exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.  The exfoliation is highly effective and removes unwanted oils and dead skin cells yet is performed using an effervescent tablet which is very gentle on the skin.  The treatment infuses the skin with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which help keep the skin balanced and hydrated.

Unlike traditional oxygenation treatments, the NowMi treatment is unique in that it stimulates the skin to oxygenate itself ‘from within’.  It does this by using a scientific principal called the Bohr effect.  The Bohr effect states that if the body is exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide (C02), it responds by sending oxygen rich (02) blood cells to the area.  Based on this principal, the NowMi treatment creates a chemical reaction that results in a C02 rich environment on the skin’s surface. The body then naturally oxygenates treatment area from within the skin.  The main advantage of this oxygenation process is that the cells best absorb and use the vitamins, and results are visible from the very first treatment.

NowMi PRO Sonic Oxygenation
NowMi PRO Sonic facial skin oxygenation

The NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial treatment also proactively protects the skin. The pure vitamin C infused into the skin helps it protect against harmful UV rays and other extrinsic factors that damage it.  As mentioned above, UV rays can cause inflammation which then stimulates the over production of sebum.

Best of all, the NowMi treatment can be performed in the comfort of your home and takes only 5 minutes!


If you have oily skin, it is important that you adopt a skin regimen that helps you limit the amount of excess oil on your face and at the same time provides your skin with the moisture it needs. Personalized oxygen facials for oily skin infuse the skin with serums designed to do achieve this balance. The NowMi treatment takes traditional oxygen facials to the next level and offers users the same results as spa oxygen facial treatments yet at a fraction of the cost.  


Facial Oxygenation

Why Oxygen?

Oxygen is essential for the health, maintenance and functioning of our cells in every part of our body. In the skin, oxygen helps create new cells and deal with everyday skin damage that is caused by pollution, toxins, sun damage, and aging.

NowMi explanation of facial oxygenation
Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash

Facial oxygenation improves circulation to the skin, increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the cells, boosting growth of collagen, and detoxifying the environmental pollutants from the skin. Through facial oxygenation the skin is rejuvenated, leaving it healthier and radiant.

Traditional Facial Oxygenation

Traditionally, facial oxygenation treatments are offered in specialty spas that use designated machines in a three stage treatment.

The first stage involves preparing the skin through deep cleansing and exfoliation. This preparation is important for removing any impurities such as dirt and grime from the skin. Sometimes facial steam is used during this stage to open up the skin pores.

During the second stage, the designated device, resembling an airbrush, applies high-pressurized oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral and nutrient extracts to the deepest layers of the skin on the face and neck. This feels like a blast of cold air and is completely painless.

Finally, a serum that is rich with supplements and vitamins is infused into the skin using the same device. It enriches the skin, improving its firmness and complexion, reducing inflammation and redness.

The facial oxygenation treatment can take anywhere between half an hour to an hour. Sometimes a mask is applied at the end of the process in order to provide further hydration to the skin.

oxygen facial treatment
Traditional oxygen facial treatment

Celebrities’ Favorite Facial Treatment

Many celebrities swear by facial oxygenation and consider it their biggest beauty secret for a glowing plumped-up skin look before any performance or red carpet appearance.

Madonna is the most famous and dedicated fan of facial oxygenation. She has an oxygenation machine in each of her six homes, and always travels with one, so that she can enjoy it anywhere she goes.

Other well-known celebrities who enjoy facial oxygenation on a regular basis are Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Naomi Cambell, Jessica Biel, and Kim Kardashian, who all have their own oxygen machines.

Because these celebrities often spend much time on tour and airplanes, they often take their oxygen machines with them, and use them very frequently to keep their skin hydrated and young-looking.

The Unique Benefits of Facial Oxygenation

The unique benefits of facial oxygenation are many. In addition to facial oxygenation being painless, non-invasive, and non-medical, it does not cause any peeling, burning or prolonged redness. It does not require any harsh chemical peels, which means that people with sensitive skin can benefit from it without any detrimental side effects.

Facial oxygenation evens the skin tone, smooths fine lines, cleans the pores and increases elasticity. Furthermore, it is an excellent treatment for hyperpigmentation, reduction of acne and wrinkles, and hydrating any skin type.

NowMi Facial Oxygenation

NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial Kit
The NowMi Pro Kit

The NowMi personal facial oxygenation treatment is an advanced, anti-aging treatment that offers all the benefits of the traditional facial oxygenation with a few unique features that bring your routine facial treatment to a whole new level.

The most remarkable feature of the NowMi Pro device is that instead of using external oxygenation of the skin, as used in traditional facial oxygenation, the NowMi facial treatment uses a scientific principal called the Bohr effect to stimulate the facial skin to oxygenate itself from within.  The treatment uses an effervescent tablet that contains a high concentration of vitamin C, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, which is combined with lubricant gel to create a chemical reaction that results in the formation of CO2 micro-bubbles on the skin’s surface, creating a CO2 rich environment. The body responds by sending oxygen (O2) rich blood cells to the facial skin.  

Once the treatment area is oxygenated, the skin is better able to heal and repair itself and regains natural glow.  In addition, during the NowMi treatment, the skin is infused with pure vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid.  The oxygenation process ensures that the vitamins are optimally absorbed by the body.  These active ingredients help reverse the signs of aging and enable it to look its very best.

Another outstanding advantage of the NowMi facial oxygenation treatment is that it offers a home-use device at a spa quality level. This means that you can care for your skin in the convenience of your own home, on a regular basis, at reduced cost and greater comfort.

The NowMi personal facial oxygenation procedure is also fast, and can be performed within 5 minutes. The device itself is compact, portable and lightweight, which means that you can carry it wherever you go and treat yourself to a facial oxygenation whenever you like, just like a celebrity.

Why Settle for Less?

The many benefits of the innovative NowMi personal skin oxygenation device place it as the leading at-home facial oxygenation option for routine use. Clinical results have consistently shown that in addition to its unique features, the NowMi device delivers top quality immediate and long-term results that leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Oxygen Facial at Home

vitamin C oxygen facial at home with the NowMi device
NowMi Oxygen Facial Treatment

An oxygen facial is a fabulous thing. The treatment has been around for almost 20 years and has established itself as a safe and effective way to keep the skin looking its very best.  Hollywood stars such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian swear by it, and there have been endless reviews that hail it as a “must have” beauty treatment. 

In a SPA it is a cosmetic treatment that uses pressurized oxygen to deliver a mixture of oxygen and nutrients, such as vitamins and antioxidants, to the skin. The oxygen is delivered to the skin via a device that sprays or blasts the mixture onto the face.

The treatment is designed to help improve the overall health and appearance of the skin, by providing it with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function properly. The oxygen helps to increase blood flow to the skin, which can help to nourish and revitalize it, while the added vitamins and antioxidants can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors.

An oxygen facial can be beneficial for a variety of skin concerns, including dull, tired-looking skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne. The treatment is also said to be beneficial for hydration, helping to plump and firm the skin and improve the appearance of the skin’s texture.

And guess what, oxygen facials just got better!!! Instead of having to go to a spa to get an oxygen facial, you can now get an oxygen facial at home.  The NowMi treatment is the next-generation oxygen facial that enables you to perform a spa quality treatment in the comfort of your own home and in only 5 minutes. Not only that- it costs a fraction of the price of its spa equivalent!

The NowMi Treatment- an Oxygen Facial at Home

The NowMi treatment uses a unique technology that stimulates facial skin to oxygenate itself from within.  It is based on a principal called the Bohr effect.  In very simple terms, the NowMi treatment creates a carbon dioxide (C02) rich environment on the skin’s surface.  As a result, the body sends oxygen (02) rich blood to the treatment area. Once the oxygen reaches the treatment area, it performs wonders on the skin.  Specifically, it:

The NowMi Pro weekly oxygen facial treatment kit
The NowMi Pro kit

1. Boosts the production of collagen:   Collagen is the protein responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity.  As we age, the body produces less collagen and as a result the skin sags and wrinkles appear. By oxygenating the skin, it becomes firmer and there is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Increases cell turnover:  Oxygen is vital for healthy cell turnover.  The added oxygen increases the rate at which new cells grow and in turn dramatically improves the healing of the skin.

3. Detoxifies the skin: The added oxygen helps the skin to detoxify itself.  This is critical since our skin is constantly battling the negative effects of pollution, overexposure to the sun’s damaging rays and other extrinsic factors that cause it to age prematurely. The oxygen thus helps the skin to repair and regenerate itself.

In addition to the oxygenation process, during the NowMi treatment, the skin is infused with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.   Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that help the skin protect itself against harmful UV rays and play a critical role in helping the skin repair and rejuvenate itself. Unfortunately, with age, the skin loses most of its supply of these vitamins, and by infusing them into the skin, one can dramatically slow down, and even reverse, the signs of aging.  Lastly, the Hyaluronic acid is a vital ingredient that helps the skin maintain its moisture.  

It is very important to note that not all vitamin C’s are created equal.  Once vitamin C is exposed to air or light, it loses most of its potency.  The reason for this is that the biologically active form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid and, unfortunately, ascorbic acid is a very unstable molecule.  When it degrades it changes color from white to a yellowish brown.  So, if you are using a vitamin C serum that has a yellow to brown color, it is highly likely that the vitamin C within it is no longer effective.   

For this reason, the vitamin C used in the NowMi treatment comes in a sealed tablet.  The vitamin C is of the purest level and therefore delivers the most powerful results.

NowMi uses high concentration vitamin C for oxygen facial
The NowMi treatment uses pure vitamin C

4 actions of the NowMi treatment

Like a spa oxygen facial, the NowMi oxygen facial at home performs 4 actions in just 5 minutes:

Exfoliation: The NowMi effervescent tablet gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil. The treatment uses sonic energy which significantly enhances the efficiency of the exfoliation, ensuring that every pore is cleaned.

Nourishment: The NowMi treatment infuses the skin with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid. These nutrients help the skin to rejuvenate itself and slow down the signs of aging.

Oxygenation:  The NowMi treatment stimulates the body to create an oxygen rich environment in the treatment area. As a result, a natural ‘facial oxygenation’ effect occurs.

Protection: With age, the skin’s supply of vitamin C and E dramatically decreases. The NowMi treatment infuses the skin with these vitamins which enables it to protect itself against extrinsic factors.


Spa oxygen facials have been proven to slow down the signs of aging and improve the quality of the skin.  The NowMi oxygen treatment offers an improvement over the traditional spa treatment.  It provides the same quality of treatment, but in an easy-to-use, home-based solution that costs a fraction of the price.  Best of all, the treatment is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle since it can be performed anywhere, anytime, in only 5 minutes.

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