Oxygen treatment for face

NowMi vitamin C oxygen treatment for face

Oxygen treatments for the face are immensely popular.  Celebrities such as Madonna and Victoria Beckham swear by them, and Katy Perry has been quoted as saying:  “I use oxygen skin treatment to hydrate my skin and give me that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance or appearance“. 

Traditional oxygen treatments for the face are performed in a spa using a special machine capable of emitting highly pressurized oxygen.  However, the NowMi treatment takes facial oxygen treatments to the next level and enables you to perform them at home at a fraction of the price!

What does oxygen do?

oxygen facial treatment
Traditional oxygen facial

Oxygen is vital for the health and maintenance of all human cells.  When it comes to skin cells, young skin more easily absorbs and benefits from oxygen than older skin.  The reason is that older skin slowly loses its ability to retain and use the oxygen for its daily functioning, namely, repair and regeneration of skin tissue.

Therefore, boosting the amount of oxygen in the skin’s cells:

  • Increases the production of collagen
  • Accelerates cell metabolism and toxin removal
  • Expediates cell regeneration
  • Promotes skin repair

What can I expect from an oxygen treatment for the face?

During the oxygen facial treatment, an aesthetician will use a small spray gun to infuse oxygen into your skin.  In most cases, nourishing vitamins and minerals are also penetrated in order to achieve the best skincare results.  

The most common benefits of oxygen treatments for the face are:

  • Glowing skin – The oxygen, together with active ingredients such as vitamin C and E, rejuvenates the skin and gives it a fresh and glowing look.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles – The oxygen stimulates the body to produce new collagen.  As a result, the skin becomes tighter and firmer. 
  • Hydrated skin – Often, hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin.  The hyaluronic acid helps it to retain moisture and have a plumper appearance.
  • Improved textural imperfections – The oxygen boosts the cell’s metabolism, enabling it to clear away waste such as excess pigmentation. In addition, vitamin C decreases pigmentation.

The NowMi Oxygen Treatment for Face

The NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial treatment kit
The NowMi Pro kit

Unlike traditional oxygen treatments for the face that are carried out in a spa, the NowMi is a home-based treatment.  It is modeled after the professional OxyGeno spa treatment and delivers better results.  The treatment includes 4 skin actions- exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.

Exfoliation: The skin is gently exfoliated using the NowMi effervescent tablet.  The exfoliation removes all dead skin cells as well as makeup residue and dirt.  It thoroughly cleanses the pores and prepares them to best absorb the active ingredients.

Nourishment:  The NowMi treatment infuses the skin with pure vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.  These ingredients play a vital role in the skin’s ability to heal and repair itself.  Vitamin C is integral in collagen synthesis, vitamin E supports the cell’s function and has anti-inflammatory properties, and Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and enables it to retain water.

Oxygenation:  Unlike traditional facial treatments, the NowMi treatment stimulates the body to oxygenate itself from within.  It does this completely naturally, based on a scientific principle called the Bohr effect.  The Bohr effect states that if there is an excess amount of carbon dioxide on the skin, the body counters this by sending oxygen rich cells to the treatment area.  Therefore, during the NowMi treatment, a chemical reaction between the effervescent tablet and the gel creates a carbon dioxide rich environment.  The body then responds and oxygenates the area.  Since the oxygenation comes from within the body, it means that all of the cells are oxygenated. 

Protection:  Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from extrinsic damage caused by UV rays, pollution and smoke. 


Oxygen treatments for the face are incredibly popular.  The oxygen revitalizes the skin and slows down the signs of aging. The NowMi treatment enables you to enjoy all of the benefits of a professional spa treatment in a quick and easy home-use treatment that costs a fraction of the price.

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Skin lightening facial treatment

Skin lightening facial treatments are designed to provide you with an even facial skin tone.  Most people have some form of dark spots, known as pigmentation, on their skin.  These can be freckles, sunspots, melasma and the like.  Fortunately, there are a variety of methods by which these spots can be eliminated and an even facial skin tone achieved.  The NowMi treatment is a completely natural solution that lightens the skin by infusing it with vitamin C.  The vitamin C helps the skin to remove the spots and limits the creation of new ones.

How are dark spots formed on the skin?

Dark spots are formed by the overproduction of a pigment called Melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes their color.  Dark skinned individuals have more melanin in their skin than light skinned individuals.  Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes. Within the skin, the melanocytes are located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis known as the stratum basale.

Melanocytes | NowMi
Attribution: Cancer Research UK / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

There are many factors that cause the skin to produce excessive levels of melanin, also known as hyperpigmentation.  The primary factors are:

  1. Overexposure to the sun: The most common spots are known as sunspots or age spots.  They are formed when the body increases its production of melanin in order to limit the damaging effects UV light rays on the skin.  The melanin absorbs the light and is able to dissipate over 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation.  The sunspots that form are uniformly colored areas of brown or grey pigment and appear anywhere on the body where the skin has been exposed to the sun, primarily on the face.
sunspots | NowMi

3. Hormonal changes:  When the body undergoes significant hormonal changes, such as puberty or pregnancy, it can produce excessive levels of melanin. During pregnancy for example, many women develop dark grey or brown spots on their face known as Melasma.  The spots usually form on the bridge of the nose, forehead, cheeks and upper lip.  Melasma can also form as a result of hormonal based medication such as birth control and growth hormones.  Other medications that are associated with hyperpigmentation are: Doxycycline and minocycline antibiotics, Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Cytotoxic drugs or chemotherapy drugs, Antimalarial drugs, Phenytoin, Amiodarone, Antipsychotic drugs.

skin lightning; NowMi
Image courtesy of Taisa Anjos from Pixabay

4. Age:  As we age, our skin develops more dark patches. The reason is that the melanocytes increase in size rather in number.  Also as we age, there is a decrease in the levels of collagen in the skin (collagen is the protein that gives the skin its firmness and elasticity).  As a result, the skin becomes thinner and paler, and the contrast between the dark spots and the facial skin’s tone increases. 

5. Genetics:  A person’s genetic predisposition plays a major role in how their skin will look and feel.  Specifically, the genetic makeup determines the size and distribution of melanosomes in the skin.  People genetically have more freckles and are more/less sensitive to the sun’s UV rays.

Fortunately, there are a variety of skin lightening facial treatments that reverse damage caused by hyperpigmentation and restore the skin to its natural skin tone. The treatments usually include vitamin C, Retinol, Arbutin or Kojic Acid (Hydroquinone was once a favorite but now it is banned in many countries).

The NowMi Skin Lightening Facial Treatment

The NowMi Pro weekly treatment kit
The NowMi Pro kit

The NowMi treatment is a facial treatment that dramatically reduces pigmentation and also prevents it from forming.  Unlike other alternatives, you can carry out the treatment in the comfort of your own home and it only takes 5 minutes!

During the NowMi treatment, pure vitamin C is infused into the skin. Vitamin C has been clinically proven to inhibit the production of the tyrosinase enzyme – the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin.  In addition, it improves the metabolism of the cells and their waste clearance capabilities. This means that the vitamin helps the skin to clear away dark spots and return it to its original coloration.

Furthermore, during the NowMi treatment, the skin is exfoliated.  The exfoliation removes the outermost layer of the skin and clears away dead skin cells including darkened skin cells!  As a result, the level of hyperpigmentation is reduced.

The NowMi treatment also stimulates the body to oxygenate itself from within.  The skin cells in the treatment area are given a boost of oxygen which dramatically improves their functioning.  They are able to clear away excess melanin and limit skin pigmentation related to premature skin aging.

Importantly, the NowMi treatment protects the skin.  In addition to the vitamin C, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin.  Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that help the skin combat free-radicals.  Free radicals are “unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging”.   They are the major reason why sunspots are formed- the UV rays simulate of free radicals on the skin, and the skin responds by producing more melanin to limit their damaging effect.  Finally, Hyaluronic acid helps the skin to retain moisture and has also been shown to limit pigmentation.


Sunspots and dark spots hide the skin’s natural texture and beauty.  Fortunately, it has never been easier to remove them.  One of the most innovative skin lightening facial treatment is the NowMi treatment. NowMi is a home-base device that uses high concentration (50%) pure vitamin C to eliminate unwanted pigmentation.  The treatment takes only 5 minutes and the results are fantastic. Try it today!

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The NowMi Treatment during the Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus | NowMi
The Coronavirus

People all over the world are staying at home because of the Coronavirus.  Beauty spas are temporarily closing their doors and home-based aestheticians are not accepting any customers.  We all hope and pray that the Coronavirus will disappear as quickly as possible and that everyone infected will heal. 

While you are at home, you can take excellent care of your skin with the NowMi Pro facial treatment.  The NowMi treatment is amazing because it provides the same quality treatment as a spa, yet in a home-use device.  Just like a spa treatment, NowMi performs 4 important skincare actions- exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.  With the NowMi Pro you can significantly reduce the signs of aging and have youthful, soft and glowing skin.  And the best part is that the treatment takes only 5 minutes and costs much less than its spa equivalent.

Benefits of the NowMi Pro Treatment

The NowMi treatment
The NowMi Pro weekly facial treatment

The NowMi Pro is a two-in-one solution that enables you to cleanse your face on a daily basis and deeply nourish it using a weekly facial.

With the NowMi treatment you can:

  • Slow down the signs of aging
  • Reduce fine line and wrinkles
  • Achieve a more even skin tone
  • Remove unwanted pigmentation
  • Plump and rejuvenate the skin

The NowMi Pro Daily

The NowMi Pro treatment kit - Daily
The NowMi Pro for daily cleansing

The NowMi Pro device has a surface that contains minute silicone fingers. During treatment, the NowMi cleansing gel is placed onto this surface and gently massaged into the skin.  The treatment also uses sonic energy which enhances the cleansing action- 6,000 sonic pulses are emitted per second which help the cleansing gel deeply penetrate and clean the pores. The sonic energy is highly effective and it has been scientifically proven that facial cleansing with sonic energy is up to six times more effective than handwashing.

The NowMi cleansing gel not only cleanses the skin, it also infuses it with nourishing vitamins and minerals.  Specifically, the gel is enriched with vitamins E, B3, B4 and Dead Sea minerals.

By using the NowMi Pro device to cleanse your face every day, you can ensure that you remove all dirt, makeup and pollution that clogs up your pores. Once your pores are clean and can breathe more easily, you skin will automatically look and feel great. 

The NowMi Pro daily can also complement your existing skin cleansing routine. After you have cleansed your face, you can apply additional serums and creams of your choice.

The NowMi Pro Weekly

The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro treatment kit

The NowMi Pro has been clinically proven to improve the skin’s texture, smoothen it, and deliver immediate and long-term results.

The NowMi Pro performs 4 simultaneous actions:

:  The NowMi Pro device gently exfoliates the skin using the NowMi vitamin C rich effervescent tablet.  The tablet has a slightly coarse surface.  During treatment it is mixed together with the NowMi gel and massaged onto the skin.  The exfoliation removes the outermost layer of the skin which contains dead skin cells that clog up the pores.  The exfoliation also gets rid of all dirt and makeup residue.  Most importantly, the exfoliation enables the active ingredients to optimally penetrate the pores. 

Nourishment: The NowMi Pro treatment infuses the skin with vitamin C, E, and Hyaluronic acid.  The vitamin C (ascorbic acid) used in the NowMi treatment is stored within the effervescent tablet which is sealed until use. This is a really important factor that differentiates the NowMi treatment from other vitamin C rich treatments.  The reason is that vitamin C is sensitive to light and air and if it is exposed to them it completely loses its potency. You may see many serums and creams that claim to be rich in vitamin C, but if their color is yellow-brown, this means that the vitamin C has been exposed to air or light and has lost its potency.  

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.  It plays a critical role in collagen formation- the protein that provides the skin with its firmness and elasticity.  It is also incremental in limiting pigmentation and preventing skin inflammation. 

Vitamin E is an effective moisturizer that prevents the skin from drying out.  It promotes wound healing and limits the appearance of scars.  When vitamin E is delivered at the same time as vitamin C, it enhances the performance of the vitamin C. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body and helps to lock in moisture. It keeps the skin moist and lubricated and prevents it from drying out.

Oxygenation: Many spa treatments offer facial oxygenation treatments in which the skin is externally infused with oxygen. The oxygen does wonders for the skin– it increases the production of collagen, accelerates cell turnover, and helps in skin detoxification.  One of the most amazing benefits of the NowMi treatment is that it stimulates the body to oxygenate itself “from within”. It does this based on a scientific principle called the Bohr effect.  The Bohr effect states that when the skin is bombarded with high levels of carbon dioxide, the body sends in oxygen-rich cells to counter the attack.  Therefore, during the NowMi treatment, when the effervescent tablet is mixed with the gel, a chemical reaction occurs which forms millions of carbon dioxide-rich bubbles.  The body then oxygenates the treatment area.  One of the key benefits of the oxygenation is that it helps the skin cells to best absorb the vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid.

Protection: Vitamin C and E are potent antioxidants that protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that cause cell damage and death.  They cause the skin to age prematurely and have excessive pigmentation. Free radicals form as a result of overexposure to the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke and more.  


NowMi Pro vitamin C oxygen facial Kit
The NowMi Pro Kit

The Coronavirus is forcing many of us to stay at home.  Until the threat passes, we need to change some of our habits.  Since the spas are closed and private aestheticians aren’t working, we invite you to try a home-based treatment that is certain to deliver amazing results.  The treatment can be carried out in only 5 minutes and it will deeply cleanses, nourishes and hydrates your skin.  It limits pigmentation and significantly slows down the signs of aging.

Try it today!

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Vitamin C for anti-aging treatments

Vitamin C for anti-aging treatments | NowMi
An orange rich in vitamin C

When it comes to anti-aging treatments, vitamin C takes center stage. Thousands of researches from all over the world have confirmed that the vitamin plays an integral role in skin health and can dramatically slow down the signs of aging. Vitamin C for anti-aging treatments are very popular but not all treatments yield effective results.  The reason is that the biologically active form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid, and ascorbic acid is a very unstable molecule.  As soon as ascorbic acid is exposed to light or oxygen it rapidly degrades and its color turns from white to a yellowish-brown.  Once it has degraded it loses its potency and its ability to heal the skin. This means that when you see a vitamin C facial rejuvenation serum or cream and its color is yellow or brown, the product has been exposed to air and light and is no longer effective.

The Role Vitamin C plays in anti-aging treatments

Collagen production:  Collagen is a fibrous protein that provides the skin with its strength and elasticity. Collagen also protects the skin by clearing environmental toxins and harmful microorganisms.  Up until the age of 20, our body produces ample quantities of collagen.  However, after the age of 20, the production starts to decrease at a rate of 1% per year.  By the time we reach 35, our skin has 15% less collagen, and as we age, the decline increases significantly.  As a result of the collagen loss the skin becomes thinner and beings to sag.  Wrinkles and fine lines appear and the skin loses its glow.

Collagen decease | NowMi
Collagen decline with age

Research has shown that without vitamin C, the body can’t form collagen.  Collagen plays a major role in collagen synthesis.  As Dr. David Wang, ND explains “It’s responsible for holding cells together during the creation of collagen”. 

Powerful anti-oxidant:  Vitamin C has been proven to neutralize reactive free-radicals. Free radicals damage the skin’s DNA and cause it to age prematurely.  One of the major causes of free radicals is overexposure to ultraviolet rays.  Without vitamin C the skin is highly vulnerable to photodamage.

Prevents skin inflammation: Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory agent and plays an important role in countering inflammatory skin conditions such as Rosacea.  It also promotes wound healing and prevents post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Inhibits pigmentation: Melanin is a pigment that gives our skin its color. Darker-skinned people have more melanin and lighter-skinned individuals have less.  As we age, sunspots and age spots appear on our skin.  These darker patches are formed by the overproduction of melanin.  Vitamin C helps regulate the production of melanin and decreases its formation.  It therefore helps the skin to maintain an even tone and repair pigmentation damage.

The NowMi Vitamin C Anti-Aging Treatment

The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro kit

The NowMi treatment was designed to replenish your skin’s supply of vitamin C.  This enables the skin to create new collagen which rejuvenates and revitalizes it.  Vitamin C also enables the skin to repair itself by clearing away unwanted pigmentation, limiting inflammation, etc. Finally, vitamin C helps the skin protect itself from free-radicals and their devastating effects.

The NowMi Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet

NowMi-PRO facial skin oxygenation
The NowMi Pro effervescent tablet

The vitamin C used in the NowMi treatment is of the highest purity and highest concentration (50%)  in order to deliver the best possible anti-aging results.  The vitamin C comes in the form of an effervescent tablet which is sealed until use. The seal ensures that the ascorbic acid isn’t exposed to any light or oxygen prior to use.

During the NowMi treatment, the effervescent tablet is mixed with the NowMi gel and is massaged into the skin. The tablet has a slightly rough texture, and during the messaging action, the skin is exfoliated.  The exfoliation rids the skin of dead cells, oils and dirt and enables the vitamin C to effectively penetrate the skin cells.  In addition to vitamin C, the skin is infused with vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid found in the NowMi gel. 

In order to ensure that the vitamins are optimally absorbed, the NowMi treatment stimulates the body to oxygenate itself from within.  Using a scientific principle called the Bohr effect, the treatment creates a carbon-dioxide rich environment on the skin’s surface. The body then counters this by sending oxygenated blood cells to the treatment area.  The oxygen increases the metabolism of the skin’s cells,  helps them clear away waste, and ingest the vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid.

With ample quantities of vitamin C and E, the skin is able to protect itself from extrinsic factors such as UV rays, pollution and smoke.


Vitamin C for anti-aging treatments has been scientifically proven in many studies.  However, not all vitamin Cs are the same and you need to ensure the vitamin C you chose is potent.  Vitamin C is crucial in order to maintain healthy skin – it builds collagen, prevents pigmentation and inflammation and protects the skin from free radicals.  The NowMi device is a home-use solution that enables you to restore your skin’s supply of vitamin C and dramatically slow down the signs of aging.  The treatment takes only 5 minutes and the results are outstanding.


Springtime Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatments Rejuvenate Your Skin

Springtime Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatments | NowMi

Winter takes its toll on your skin. The wind and cold outside, as well as the dryness from overly heated indoor environments that you live and work in can damage your skin. Also the steaming hot showers that you take may strip your skin of essential oils that protect your skin. All of these factors can cause your skin to dry out and lose some of its beautiful softness and glow.

Now that spring is coming, it’s time to give yourself springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatments. These treatments help to repair the damage and skin aging that winter can cause. They help your skin to blossom and look younger.

Advantages of Springtime Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatments

Traditional anti-aging oxygen facial treatments are performed in a spa and infuse the skin with oxygen using a high-pressure gun. Often, they infuse the skin with vitamin and mineral rich serums that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. 

Traditional oxygen facial in a SPA
Traditional oxygen facial treatment

The key advantages of oxygen facial treatments are:

Skin oxygenation: A primary reason for early skin aging is lack of oxygen in your skin. Capillaries often become clogged so your skin cells don’t receive enough oxygen, leading your skin to become paler and more fragile. By infusing oxygen into your skin, you can reduce the signs of aging.

Increased collagen production:  After age twenty, our bodies very slowly reduce the production of the elements that our skin needs such as collagen (which enables skin to remain firm). Increasing collagen in the skin enables it to maintain its firmness which lessens sagging and wrinkles. The springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatment increases collagen in your skin, giving your skin the firmness that it needs.

Skin hydration: The aging process also reduces the amount of glycosaminoglycans or GAGs (which ensures that the skin remains hydrated). The oxygen facial treatment infuses hyaluronic acid, which is a type of GAGs, into the epidermis. This infusion gives your skin the ability to remain moisturized from within, which keeps the skin well lubricated, supple and soft.

The NowMi Springtime Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatment

The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro treatment kit

The NowMi treatment is a revolutionary skincare treatment that enables you to enjoy all of the benefits of a professional oxygen treatment within the comfort of your home. 

Designed for today’s busy lifestyle, the treatment takes only 5 minutes and costs a fraction of the price of its spa equivalent.

The NowMi springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatments clean, nourish, oxygenate and protect your facial skin.  The NowMi treatment exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin and deeply cleanses each pore.  Simultaneously, your skin is infused with vitamins and minerals to nourish it. It is also oxygenated so that it can function better and absorb more oxygen and water from the environment. Finally, it is protected against environmental dangers.

The Nowmi treatment saves you time because, instead of heading out to a spa for an hour, you can do the treatment anywhere, anytime. Your skin receives the same four actions that it would get in a spa treatment: exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.

  1. Exfoliation: NowMi oxygen facial treatment exfoliates the residues from your skin. Dead skin cells, oils, remainders from makeup, smoke and pollution accumulate on the outer layer of your skin. This build-up of residue dries out on your skin, to the point where your skin is not able to absorb enough oxygen or water from the environment. As a result, the skin may feel hard, chapped, flaky and dry.

    The NowMi exfoliation removes the thin outer level of the skin. It cleanses the skin, removing dead cells, makeup and dirt. This exfoliation process is performed using the NowMi effervescent tablet which is combined with the Nowmi gel and is gently massaged into the skin. Your skin is then able to best absorb the infused vitamins and minerals.
  2. Nourishment: Your skin is nourished with vitamins C and E and Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C is important in the formation of collagen which builds interconnecting tissue that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory agents which protects your cells against environmental stressors. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes your skin and prevents it from dehydrating.
  3. Oxygenation: Spa treatments infuse oxygen into the skin but NowMi treatments oxygenate the skin internally. This works based on the Bohr effect. The principle states that when the body is confronted with high levels of carbon dioxide, it reacts by sending oxygen-rich blood cells to the area. Therefore, the NowMi oxygenation treatment creates a carbon dioxide rich layer on the skin so that the body responds by sending heavily oxygenated cells to the facial skin, oxygenating it from within. The oxygen remains in the skin for a much longer time and facilitates the optimal absorption of the vitamins and minerals.
  4. Protection: Vitamins C and E are great for subduing free radicals that attack your skin, both internally and externally. These vitamins protect against the damage caused by too much sun, smoke and air pollution, also helping to prevent dark spots and wrinkles.
The NowMi treatment
The NowMi Pro weekly facial treatment

In summary, NowMi springtime anti-aging oxygen facial treatments correct the damage caused during the harsh winter. They clean your skin, nourish it with vitamins and minerals, oxygenate it, and give it protection against free radicals. Best of all, Nowmi treatments rejuvenate the skin and slow down the signs of aging, leaving your skin feeling soft, flexible, and beautiful.

See how easy is to perform the NowMi treatment 

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