Oxygen facial for oily skin


Many people suffer from oily skin.  This often manifests itself in facial skin that looks shiny or greasy, has large pores and looks thick or rough.  Fortunately, there are many remedies to improve oily facial skin.  Foremost amongst them is an oxygen facial for oily skin which infuses the skin with active ingredients that reduce the amount of oil on the skin and give it a fresh and healthy look.

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin develops when the sebaceous glands overproduce a substance called Sebum. Sebum is an oily substance made up primarily of fats. Sebum is vital for the skin since it protects and hydrates it by “sealing” in moisture and preventing it from escaping the skin’s surface. However, if the body produces too much sebum this leads to oily skin which is more prone to pimples, acne, clogged pores and blackheads.

Genetics play a key factor in determining a person’s skin type and most likely the reason for your oily facial skin is genetic. However, there are other influencers such as hormonal changes or high-stress levels which can simulate the overproduction of sebum by the body.

Treatment of oily skin

The way to care for oily skin is to reduce the oil on your skin without causing dryness. If you are not careful and you dry your skin, your body will only produce more oil to compensate for the dryness. Therefore, you need to regularly remove oil from your skin but at the same time you need to ensure it is sufficiently moisturized. 

Here are a few basic tips:

1. Regularly wash your face.  The most important thing you can do to reduce oil on your skin is to wash it regularly.  It is recommended to wash your face one or twice a day.  When washing your face avoid harsh detergents or soap that may irritate your skin.  Instead looks for gentle and natural soaps.

2. Use blotting papers.  Blotting papers can help you blot excess oil from your face and limit the shiny and greasy appearance.

3. Add moisture to your skin. It is very important to carefully select which moisturizer you choose.  Make sure to avoid products that damage/irritate your skin or make it oilier.  The right moisturizer should be oil free and one that will keep your skin moist.

4. Use facial masks. There are a variety of natural facial masks you can apply such as a clay mask, honey mask and oatmeal mask.

Oily skin and make up

One can be easily tempted to use heavy makeup to cover up the effects of oily skin.  Be careful which makeup you use so that you don’t make your condition worse.  If your facial oily skin acts up, refrain for a few days from using makeup, especially foundation.  When you choose your cosmetics, opt for water-based products vs. oil-based products and look for products with a “noncomedogenic” label which means that they are less likely to clog up your pores.

Oxygen Facials for Oily skin

Oxygen facials have established themselves as an excellent skin care treatment.  They are used by celebrities the world over and are hailed for their ability to revitalize and strengthen the skin.  Oxygen facial treatments include several steps – skin cleansing, exfoliating, extraction of blackheads, oxygenation and infusion of active ingredients.

When it comes to oily skin the treatment is excellent because the skin is deeply cleansed.  As discussed above this is a prerequisite for caring for oily skin.  The exfoliation also removes the outermost layer of the skin and deeply cleanses the pores (which often get clogged with oily skin). Most importantly, the skin is infused with therapeutic active ingredients which reduce its oiliness.  The effectiveness of these ingredients is significantly increased by the oxygenation of the skin.  The oxygen helps the cells to better absorb the ingredients and increases the blood flow in the treatment area.  

The NowMi Pro treatment for oily skin

The NowMi Pro treatment enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a professional spa skin oxygenation treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Best of all, it costs a fraction of the price and takes only 5 minutes.

The NowMi Pro treatment includes 2 facial routines- a daily facial cleanse and a weekly facial skin care treatment.

The NowMi Pro daily facial helps you remove excess sebum from your facial skin.  The cleansing gel is very delicate and won’t dry out your skin.  Quite the opposite, it contains vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals which deeply moisturize the facial skin.  The cleansing action is very thorough since the device uses Sonic energy.  The Sonic energy ensures that the cleansing gel penetrates and cleanses every pore and removes all excess sebum as well as dirt and makeup buildups.

The NowMi Pro weekly contains 4 action – skin exfoliation, nourishment, skin oxygenation and protection. 

1. The exfoliation gently removes the outermost layer of the skin and clears away dead cells, excess oil, dirt etc. Following the exfoliating the skin is clean and the pores are open.

2.  In the nourishing stage, the skin is infused with vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid.  Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that prevent the skin’s oil from oxidizing and “mutating into compounds like squalene peroxide which trigger even more oil production”.  Therefore they are critical in helping the skin balance its Sebum production. Also, Hyaluronic acid has been proven to be excellent for oily skin.  Hyaluronic acid provides your facial skin with all day hydration without causing irritation. It is also very lightweight and doesn’t clog up pores and also doesn’t produce a shine on the face.  Best of all, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that add more oil to your skin.

3. Unlike traditional skin oxygenation treatments that oxygenate the skin from the outside, the NowMi treatment causes the skin to oxygenate the facial skin from within. It does so by stimulating an effect called the Bohr effect. During the treatment, a C02 rich environment is formed on the surface of the skin.  The skin reacts to this by sending oxygen rich blood to the treatment area.  As a result, the skin oxygenates itself from within which optimizes the absorption of the active ingredients by the cells.

4. The protection action helps the skin guard against extrinsic factors which damage it.  Since the skin has renewed supplies of vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid it is able to protect itself from free radicals and other ailments that damage it and cause premature aging.

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Today there are many treatment options for facial oily skin.  Highly recommended is a facial skin oxygenation treatment for oily skin which deeply cleanses the skin and infuses it with active ingredients that help control the levels of oil on your face.  The NowMi treatment offers all of the benefits of a professional spa oxygenation treatment and it infuses the skin with vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid which greatly help oily skin. Best of all the NowMi treatment takes only 5 minutes and can be carried out in the comfort of your home.

The NowMi Treatment- Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence supporting the NowMi Treatment

The NowMi treatment was tested in a clinical study performed by a third party GLP certified laboratory. The clinical study was intended to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the NowMi PRO treatment for improving skin texture, skin smoothens and for immediate and long-term overall skin appearance improvement when used in a controlled panel test.

The treatment protocol included:

Daily cleansing: six weeks of daily facial cleansing at night with the NowMi PRO sonic device and the NowMi facial cleansing gel.
Weekly treatments: six facial rejuvenation treatments carried out once a week with NowMi PRO sonic device that uses the vitamin C effervescent tablet and the NowMi lubricant gel.


Statistically significant results (p<0.05) obtained. After 3 weeks of treatments, facial skin smoothness increased by 15.1%, and after 6 weeks smoothness increased by 25.9%. No adverse effect were recorded and the safety and efficacy of the NowMi PRO treatment was proven.

The NowMi PRO Kit

The NowMi Pro has two functions – the NowMi Pro Daily is designed to keep the skin clean and moisturized on a daily basis, and the NowMi Pro Weekly provides a ‘spa-like’ deep facial that slows down the signs of aging, revitalizes the skin and protects it against extrinsic factors such as smoke and pollution.

The NowMi Pro treatment kit
The NowMi Pro treatment kit


Clinical Study Methodology

The methodological approach used to evaluate whether or not the product tested has any effect on facial skin rejuvenation included:  Objective (instrumental) measurements for capturing and analyzing skin texture.

Following the application of a product on human subjects (see Colipa Guidelines Efficacy 2008),  the instrumental tests are performed with instruments that can precisely measure given parameters, according to a defined principle. Measurements are made under the control of a suitably qualified professional and use precise criteria (Colipa Guidelines Efficacy 2008).

To capture and evaluate skin’s texture, Canlfield’s VISIA system was used. The VISIA system consists of the VISIA imaging booth and VISIA software and can capture and store facial images using standard lighting, cross-polarized flash, and UV flash. After capturing images, the software automatically isolates or “masks” specific areas of the face and then performs an extensive analysis of these areas to evaluate the skin features.

The study was carried out on a panel of 10 women, 8 with normal skin and 2 with sensitive skin.  The women were aged 32.8±4.4 years.

The table below depicts the sex, age and skin type of the subjects participated in the study.

Subject No. Skin type Sex Age
1 Normal skin Female 30
2 Normal skin Female 36
3 Normal skin Female 30
4 Normal skin Female 26
5 Normal skin Female 26
6 Normal skin Female 39
7 Normal skin Female 34
8 Normal skin Female 34
9 Sensitive skin Female 38
10 Sensitive skin Female 35


Results of objective measurements of skin texture

Texture is primarily an analysis of skin smoothness. It is affected by wrinkles, pore size and general roughness of the skin. The results of skin texture as measured by the VISIA system are presented in the table below for each volunteer.

After 6th treatment After 3rd treatment Baseline Volunteer No.
287 358 438 1
113 74 113 2
77 98 80 3
447 531 630 4
736 701 812 5
285 294 354 6
222 265 292 7
126 185 168 8
281 337 553 9
257 401 383 10
283.10 324.40 382.30 Average
192.21 191.34 235.00 St.dev.
NowMi Clinical results
Graphical representation of facial skin smoothness improvements compared to baseline and after the 3rd and 6th treatments. After 3 weekly treatments facial smoothness increased by 15.1% and after 6 weekly treatments facial skin smoothness continues to increase to 25.9%.



  • 70% of subjects presented increase in facial skin smoothness after 3 weekly treatments compared to baseline.
  • 90% of subjects presented increase in facial skin smoothness after 6 weekly treatments compared to baseline.
  • A statistically significant improvement of facial skin smoothness was measured both after 3 weekly treatments and at the end of the study compared to the baseline.


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Facial skin tightening

The growing demand for facial skin tightening

Facial skin tightening is something almost every adult wants.  In the times we live in, where “Fifty is the New Thirty”, there is a huge thirst to look as young and healthy as possible.  The aesthetic industry is thriving and constantly delivering new technologies and treatments to meet the growing demand.  According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2017, 82,410 facelifts were performed, making it the 6th most popular surgical procedure. In addition, 722,394 Hyaluronic Acid (volume enhancing) treatments were carried out, making them the second most popular non-invasive procedure.  As longevity is expected to increase, so too will the desire of individuals to look their very best, regardless of their biological age.

What causes our facial skin to sag?

With age, our skin naturally sags.  There are a few elements that contribute to this.  Firstly, there is a significant decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin proteins that the body produces. These proteins are the building blocks of the skin and help it maintain its firmness and elasticity.  Once their levels drop, the skin can no longer maintain its structure and it begins to sag. As can be seen in the graph below, the amounts of collagen and elastin (see red line) dramatically decrease after the age of 30.

Collagen decease | NowMi

In addition to the natural aging process of the skin, our lifestyle choices often cause our skin to age prematurely. Exposure to the sun’s damaging rays dramatically ages the skin. According to a report issued by the World Health Organization called Sun Protection: A Primary Teaching Resource, “Chronic overexposure to the sun can change the texture and weaken the elasticity of the skin. Sun induced skin damage causes premature wrinkling, sags and bags, and easy bruising. Up to 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to ageing may be caused by sun exposure.”  Other factors that age the skin include exposure to pollution, cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating habits, stress etc.

While this may all seem discouraging, the good news is facial skin tightening has never been easier!

Skin Tightening with the NowMi treatment

The NowMi treatment takes a completely natural approach to facial skin tightening.  You don’t have to go under the knife or inject harmful chemicals into your skin.

The NowMi treatment works by replenishing your skin’s lost supply of vitamins and minerals, enabling it to heal itself and slow down the signs of aging.

The NowMi Pro treatment contains two parts- daily cleansing and weekly facial skin tightening treatments.

The NowMi Pro Daily Facial Cleansing:  Using the NowMi Pro device you can deeply cleans your skin and remove all dirt, oil and makeup.  This is important to limit damage caused by pollution and smoke the penetrate the pores and block them.  The NowMi Pro cleaning action is significantly more effective that hand washing because it uses sonic energy which ensures that each pore is perfectly cleansed. In addition, the skin is infused with Vitamins E, B3, B5 and Dead Sea minerals which help the skin revitalize itself.

The NowMi Pro Weekly Treatment: The weekly treatment consists of 4 facial skin tightening steps.

Skin Exfoliation: the exfoliation process removes dead cells from the skin and thoroughly cleanses it.  This step is very important in preparing the skin for the infusion of nourishing nutrients.

Skin Nourishment: The skin is infused the purest level of vitamin C, as well as vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.  Vitamin C has been proven to help the skin produce new collagen and elastin and thus the skin is able to repair itself by creating new and healthy tissue.  As a result, the skin becomes tighter and firmer and there is a marked reduction in wrinkles and fine lines

Skin Oxygenation: In order to ensure the optimal penetration of the nutrients into the skin, the NowMi treatment stimulates a natural effect called the ‘Bohr effect’.  It does so by creating a C02 rich environment on the skin’s surface.  In response, the body sends oxygen rich blood cells to the treatment area. This results in an oxygen facial from ‘within the skin’ which enables the cells to best absorb the nutrients.

Skin Protection: Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants that help the skin protect itself against harmful UV rays and other extrinsic factors that damage it.  By replenishing the skin’s lost supply of these vitamins, the body is able to effectively ward off free-radicals which significantly age the skin.


There is an ever-growing demand for effective facial skin tightening.  Treatments range from invasive surgical procedures to home remedies. The NowMi treatment offers a highly effective and non-invasive solution for facial skin tightening. The treatment is completely natural and is based on restoring the body’s lost supply of essential vitamins.  Once replenished, the skin can heal itself and create new collagen and elastin.  As a result, the skin become firmer and tighter.

What happens to your facial skin after you quit smoking?

Here is one more reason to quit smoking- it makes you look much older than you are.  Dr. Flora Levin, an oculoplastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic eyelid surgery and non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation, provides this succinct description: “The facial skin of a 40-year-old heavy smoker resembles that on a non-smoking 70-year-old. The facial skin is dry and coarse with deep facial wrinkles and furrows, a slack jawline, discoloration and an uneven tone. The eyelids are often baggy with creped facial skin. The neck is saggy with loose skin and the blood vessels are dilated and prominent. The term ‘smoker’s face’ is used to describe these facial skin characteristics, which are all caused by smoking.[1]

Why does this happen?  It happens because the tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals and carcinogens that cause serious damage (we won’t talk about cancer and heart disease now, just about damage to the facial skin).  Primarily, cigarette smoke is detrimental to blood circulation and just one cigarettes can limit blood flow for up to and hour and a half.  Therefore, the facial skin is starved of oxygen for long periods of time which results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin- proteins that are essential for firm and healthy facial skin.

The list goes on.  Since the blood flow is hindered, there is an increase in broken capillaries and veins which cause dark scarring on the face.  Also, the nicotine slows down the healing process so the skin is less able to repair itself from intrinsic and extrinsic damage.  Lastly, distinct furrows and wrinkles are formed from smoking- the act of sucking on the cigarette causes lines around your mouth and brows, and since the action is repeated, the lines become more pronounced.

Bottom line- smoking causes premature facial skin aging, slows down wound healing and increases the rate of infection.  Smokers often suffer from discoloration of the teeth and tongue, wrinkles and fine lines, bags under the eyes, slack in the jawline and dry, coarse skin.  And unfortunately, smokers experience higher rates of facial skin disorders such as: skin cancer, psoriasis, Hidradenitis suppurativa (chronic boils in the groin and armpits area), lupus and acne.

Okay. Enough with all the gloom and doom. This post is about your facial skin after you quit.  So here is the good news.  Our bodies are the most wondrous machines, and if you give your body a chance, it will do its best to reverse the damage.  So once you quit smoking your blood circulation will improve and your facial skin will begin to heal itself.  This means that it will start to produce more collagen and elastin which will restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity.  Also, once you quit smoking, the coloration of your facial skin will dramatically improve since the skin won’t be infused with chemicals that suppress it.

Regarding the wrinkles, they may not go away  at once, but they won’t get worse.  There are however many things you can do to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. First, you can start by infusing your skin with vitamin C and E which help the skin to revitalize itself.  The NowMi treatment is excellent in this respect since it oxygenate your facial skin restoring the needed oxygen to your face. It infuses the skin with 50% concentration of pure vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.  The ingredients help the facial skin regain its firmness and elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles as proved by clinical study. Best of all it is a personal skin oxygenation device and the NowMi vitamin C oxygen facial treatment can be done anywhere and anytime. It takes only 5 minutes to restore your glow and revitalized facial skin.

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There are also a wide range of minimally and invasive aesthetic treatments out there.  The technologies are constantly evolving, and the results are really impressive.  No matter what path you choose, the first step is to say goodbye to smoking and hello to a healthier you.

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[1] https://www.zwivel.com/blog/how-smoking-affects-your-skin/